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Delta Plastik USA 1-7 Ferrari F50 XL Clear Body ARRMA

Delta Plastik USA 1/7 F50 XL Clear Body For ARRMA Felony

Now available for pre-order from Delta Plastik USA is a 1/7th scaled F50 XL Clear Body for the mighty ARRMA Felony. Formed from 2mm thick Lexan, the F50 should be a great body for high speed runs, or general high speed bashing. * Wheelbase- 406mm * Width- 335mm * Comes with window masks * Rear wing included * Fits ARRMA Felony * Can fit Infraction & [...]


Delta Plastik 1/8 C147 High Speed Clear Body

Delta Plastik 1/8 C147 High Speed Clear Body

Now shipping from Delta Plastik is the 1/8 sized C147 Dome Concept clear speed run body. Sized to fit 1/8th on-road cars and converted 1/10 short course trucks, the C147 can give you the downforce needed to crush your buddies, or speed records. Here are the highlights- * Wheelbase- 325mm * Width- 310mm * Made from a durable polycarbonate * Two thicknesses available * Includes [...]


Delta Plastik Toyota GT One Body 1/7th ARRMA

Delta Plastik Toyota GT One Body For 1/7 ARRMA Vehicles

Shipping now from Delta Plastik is a Toyota GT One clear body for 1/7th scale ARRMA vehicles. Designed for speed runs or high-speed tracks, the GT One is a great choice when going fast with your big ARRMA. Here are the highlights- * Aero efficient body good for over 165 mph * Made from 2mm thick Lexan * Width- 310mm * Uses stock wing [...]


Delta Plastik Chevy Corvette CR8 Body 1/7 ARRMA

Delta Plastik Corvette CR8 Body for 1/7 ARRMA

Available now for Pre-Order is the Delta Plastik Corvette CR8 Clear Body for 1/7 ARRMA on-road cars. The CR8 is a great fit for cars like the Felony, Limitless, as well as the mighty Infraction. Designed for serious on-road use, as well as for doing speed runs, the CR8 is a great looking option for 1/7 ARRMA owners. The Delta Plastik [...]


Delta Plastik Phantom X-1 RC Speed Run Body

Teaser – Delta Plastik Phantom X-1 1/10 Speed Run Body

Just announced by Delta Plastik is the 1/10th scaled X-1 speed run body. The X-1 was designed from the ground up as a hardcore speed run body and can be used to take your car to all new levels of speed. The X-1 features a closed wheel design, a width of 230mm, and is long enough to accommodate extended wheelbases. You [...]


Delta Plastik USA RC 7th Jag XRS Li High Speed Body

Pre-Order Now Open - Delta Plastik 1/7 Jag XRS Li High Speed…

For all you speed run fanatics out there, Delta Plastik USA has announced that pre-ordering is now open for their 1/7th scaled Jag XRS Li High Speed Body. The Jag XRS was designed for serious speed in 1/7th scaled cars like the ARRMA Infraction. * Formed from 2mm thick Lexan * Comes in clear only * Modern sleek styling * Width- 310mm * Wheelbase- [...]