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1 RC Racing 18th Scale Eastern Dirt Modified RTR

1 RC Racing 1/18th Scale Eastern Dirt Modified RTR

Recently announced by 1 RC Racing is a 1/18th Scale Eastern Dirt Modified RTR. This new oval racer has great scale looks to go along with serious performance under the hood. * Pre-assembled ready to run * Body available in black, red, or clear * 8700kV brushless motor * 2.4GHz radio gear * Separate ESC and receiver * Full bearing set * Comes with battery & charger The [...]


Pro-Line Hoosier Super Chain Link T 2.2 M3 Tires

Pro-Line Hoosier Super Chain Link T 2.2″ M3 Tires

New for the oval racing scene is a Hoosier Super Chain Link T 2.2″ M3 Tire from Pro-Line. These fully licensed tires not only have a perfectly scale appearance, but can also give your truck serious traction while racing. Here are the highlights- * Officially licensed by Hoosier * Exact scale detailing * White Hoosier logo on sidewall * High quality closed cell foam [...]


DE Racing RC Outlaw Sprint HB Dirt Oval Tire

DE Racing Outlaw Sprint HB Dirt Oval Tires

Being teased right now by DE Racing is a new Outlaw Sprint HB dirt oval race tire. Designed for high bite tracks, the HB dirt oval race tires now come with a larger and lower block pattern. This gives the HBs improved grip and longer wear to help put you on the top step of the podium. A stiffer carcass [...]


Pro-Line Hoosier Angle Block Tires

Full Details – Hoosier Dirt Oval Tires From Pro-Line

After a bit of teasing, Pro-Line has released full details on their all new Hoosier Dirt Oval Tires. These are fully licensed replicas designed for scale realism, as well as maximum on-track performance. Here are some of the highlights- * Officially licensed by Hoosier * Sidewall compound identifiers * Designed specifically for dirt oval racing * White Hoosier logo on sidewall * Rounded side tread * [...]


Pro-Line Hoosier Dirt Oval Tires

Pro-Line Teases New Hoosier Dirt Oval Tires!

Here you go dirt oval fans, Pro-Line is now teasing a new line-up of Hoosier Tires. Fully licensed by Hoosier, Pro-Line has three new licensed Hoosier tires on deck for release. Hoosier Super Chain Link 2.2″ fronts are being teased now, as are Hoosier Angle Block 2.2″ rear tires, with some Hoosier G60 SC 2.2″/3.0″ tires planned for short course [...]


Custom Works Outlaw 4 Sprint Car Kit

Custom Works Outlaw 4 Sprint Car Kit

New for the oval racing scene is the Outlaw 4 Sprint Car Kit from Custom Works. The Outlaw 4 sports some nice scale realism to go along with its incredible on-track performance, here are the highlights- * Updated axles make it easy to run 12mm hex wheels * Larger rear hub bearings * CVA style rear driveshafts * Lower front bumper * Beefier shock towers [...]


Traxxas Slash Dirt Oval Video

4K Video – Traxxas Slash Dirt Oval Racing

Last week the crew at Traxxas uploaded a new video to promote Dirt Oval Racing. Dirt oval racing has been popular in the states for decades, and for good reason- tight racing action! The racing in dirt oval is typically very close with drivers speeding around the track just inches from each other, the video below shows how fun it [...]


Traxxas Dirt Oval Slash How To Video

Video – Dirt Oval Traxxas Slash Project Build

Right now is the height of the outdoor dirt oval season here in the states. All across America racers are slinging mud and having fun while racing dirt oval. The folks at Traxxas recently posted a new video to show you just how easy it is to make a legit Dirt Oval racer out of your Slash. Watch the comprehensive video [...]


Pro-Line Slide Job SC

New Slide Job Tires From Pro-Line

To give your oval racer more traction, Pro-Line has announced three new Slide Job tires. For you guys racing converted short course trucks, Pro-Line has announced the Slide Job SC 2.2″/3.0″. The Slide Job SCs are available in M3 compound and are priced at $26. Next up are Slide Job 2.2″ Buggy Rear Tires. The rear Slide Jobs are molded in Pro-Line’s [...]


DE Racing Dirt Oval Tires

DE Racing G6T SCT Dirt Oval Tires

Are you ready for some dirt oval racing this summer? New from DE Racing are G6T dirt oval tires. The G6T tires were designed to fit short course wheels and were engineered to give your race rig serious traction. * Grooved G6T D40 Compound SC Oval Tire- #DER-G6G-SR4 * G6T D40 Compound SC Oval Tire- #DER-G6T-SR4 * Grooved G6T D30 Compound SC Oval [...]


Pro-Line Slide Job Tires

New Slide Job Dirt Oval Tires From Pro-Line

Shipping soon from Pro-Line are new 2.2″ front and rear Slide Job dirt oval tires. The Slide Jobs were designed from the ground up to win races, as well as giving your car a scale realistic look. The Front 2.2″ Slide Job tires are priced at $20 with a part number of #8271-02. They fit on most 2.2″ front buggy [...]


Pro-line Slide Job SC Tires

New Short Course Tires From Pro-Line

Coming soon to your local hobby shop is a pair of new short course truck tires from Pro-Line. The first set of tires is the new Slide Job SC which was designed to own your local dirt oval track. The second is a new set of Prism SC in Z3 medium carpet compound. Both sets are priced at $26 per [...]



McALLISTER Racing Sprint Body For The 2wd Slash

New for all you oval drivers is a Sprint Body for the Traxxas Slash 2wd from the folks at McAllister Racing. The Sprint Body is modeled after its full sized counterpart and sports a one piece hood and roll cage. The body was designed to fit the 2wd Slash with LCG chassis and it has a part number of [...]


PROTOform Nor’easter

PROTOform Nor’easter Clear Body

Dirt oval fans rejoice, PROTOform has just announced the Nor’easter. The Nor’easter was designed to give your car more steering and side bite, helping you win more races. It also uses the latest aerodynamic styling from full sized late model cars for an extra cool look. If that was not enough, the right side has extra clearance to allow for [...]


OFNA Hyper Sprint 1/8th Dirt Oval Car

Ofna Hyper Sprint RTR 1/8th Dirt Oval Car

We often throw around the saying “Go fast, turn left!” as a type of good-bye around the BigSquidRC offices, but there aren’t that many oval cars introduced to the rc market each year. For all you oval fans out there, say hello to the Ofna Hyper Sprint. The Hyper Sprint is an 8th scale nitro powered dirt oval car that [...]