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Hitec RDX2 1000 Battery Charger AD350 Discharger

Hitec RDX2 1000 Battery Charger & Optional AD350 Discharger

Our good friends over at Hitec have just announced the RDX2 1000 Battery Charger & Optional AD350 Discharger. The RDX2 1000 is a true powerhouse featuring up to a 35 amp charge rate! The optional AD350 discharger also brings some serious performance with the ability to discharge at up to 40 amps! Here are more highlights- * AC/DC powerhouse designed to [...]


Hitec Japan AD350 Battery Analyzer Discharger

Hitec Japan AD350 Battery Analyzer & Discharger

Coming later this month from Hitec Japan is the AD350 Battery Analyzer & Discharger. The AD350 is designed to go along with Hitec’s upcoming X2 AC PLUS V1000 battery charger and can be used to both discharge, as well as get important statistics from your battery packs. Here are the highlights- * Maximum discharge rate – 40 amps * Maximum discharge wattage [...]


Hitec RC X2 AC Plus V1000 Battery Charger

Hitec Japan Teases X2 AC Plus V1000 Battery Charger

New over at Hitec Japan is the burly X2 AC Plus V1000 Dual Battery Charger. Not only does the new V1000 pack insane power, but also comes with other cool new features. Check this out- * 1000 watts of power when using DC input power * 35 amp maximum charge rate! * 2.8″ color screen * PC connection software to view charge and [...]


Hyperion Sentry Mini Charger

Hyperion Sentry Mini Charger

Shipping now from Hyperion is the Sentry Mini Charger/Discharger. With more people out on the trails, small DC battery chargers are in demand. The Hyperion Sentry is small enough to take along while rock crawling, check out these features- * 50 watts of charging power * Max LiPo cell count of 6S * 12-30 volts DC input power * JST-XH balance connector * 390 watts [...]


RC Discharger iCharger Duo 40 amp regenerative discharger

RC Discharger 40 Amp iCharger Regenerative Discharge Bank

Just announced by RC Discharger is a new 40 Amp Regenerative Discharge Bank. This beefy discharge unit was designed to work with the iCharger Duo. Here are some of the highlights- * 40 amp discharger * Comes with charger stand * First regenerative discharger compatible with the iCharger Duo and X6 * Recovers energy from discharging one pack, to charge another * 40 amp discharge [...]


Sky RC BD200 Discharger

Sky RC BD200 Discharger Now At HRP

Have you been looking for a heavy duty battery discharger? Shipping right now from Hobby Recreation Products is the Sky RC BD200 Discharger. The BD200 is a beast that can discharge at up to 200 watts. That equates to a 30 amp discharge on a 2S LiPo. Designed to quickly place LiPo packs into storage mode, the BD200 can also [...]


G-Force GD200 Discharger

G-Force GD200 Battery Discharger

Do you need a high current discharger? If so, have a look at the new GD200 from G-Force. The GD200 can accept 5.4 to 34 volt of input power and has a maximum discharge rate of 30 amps. * Discharge current range 0.01 to 30 amps * Quickly takes packs to proper storage voltage * Large diameter fan * Temp sensor * Allows you to [...]