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THE Cub Report

THE Cub Report, 11.05.2012, Version: When Pigs Fly

Hello everyone, happy Monday and welcome to yet another edition of your favorite weekly satirical rc column, THE Cub Report. When I first started writing THE Cub Report for BigSquidRC a half decade ago there were weeks when I’d rarely receive an email in regards to the column. Steadily over the years that has changed, and it isn’t uncommon to get [...]


traxxas dr-1 helicopter

Traxxas DR-1 Coaxial Dual-Rotor Heli

More air news from Traxxas? Besides the New Traxxas Quadcopter we mentioned, they also have the DR-1 Coaxial Dual-Rotor Heli. This time it will come with or without a radio, and prices are $60 or $85! Update: Some details, pictures and specs Official Specs: • Master stable hovering in just seconds • 2.4GHz Transmitter eliminates frequency conflicts • LCD Transmitter display keeps you [...]