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Tekin Clinic - Drag Brake

Tekin Clinic: Programming Drag Brake Through the ESC [Video]

Whether you’re a basher, a racer, or a trail trekker, you’ve probably heard of the term “drag brake”. If you’re new to the hobby, drag brake is an ESC-centered braking function that kicks in when there is no throttle input (in either forward or reverse). Drag brake is a helpful tool for rock crawling and trail cruising, however, it’s also [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ For the Weekend – Oh, You Wanna Drag?

Drag brake is one of the most important and subjective things you’ll deal with when getting into scale crawling. Some guys like a ton, some none at all. So what is it? Simply put, drag brake is the amount of stopping power applied when there is no throttle input on the transmitter. It’s measured in percentage. 20% DB means that when [...]