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Yokomo Magnetic Body Mount Kit - Parts

Yokomo Releases a Magnetic Body Mount Kit for R/C Drift Cars

It’s becoming a common occurance to see bodies mounted without traditional body posts, especially in the areas of scale and drift R/C. For drift fanatics, Yokomo has released a new magnetic body mount kit for 1/10-scale cars that offers a clean, body post-free approach to mounting your car’s lid. Two kits are available, one for front mounts (#Y2-16MGF) and one for [...]


Netsu Redsun Type GTR

Firebrand RC Netsu Redsun Type GTR R/C Drift Body

Firebrand RC has introduced a new 1/10-scale R/C drift car body that’ll look great at the track or on the shelf. The Netsu Redsun Type GTR Body features a sporty design with plenty of molded detail. Made from durable polycarbonate, this body has a 200mm width and has been designed to work with deep offset wheels and/or extended wheel hubs. The [...]


MST RC 86RB Touring Car Drift Body

MST 86RB 1/10 Clear Touring Car Body

Over at Max Speed Technology they have announced a new 86RB Clear Touring Car Body. The nicely scaled 86RB is designed to fit 1/10th touring/drift cars and includes realistic ABS plastic side mirrors, as well as a rear lip spoiler and light buckets. The 86RB will be available later this month as a clear body, but will also be sold [...]


Yokomo YD-2Z RC RWD Drift Kit

Yokomo YD-2Z 1/10 RWD Drift Kit

Just announced by Yokomo is the YD-2Z RWD Drift Kit. The new YD-2Z is a high-end drift rig that is more than ready for serious sideways action. Here are the highlights- * New 3-split transmission case * New integrated bulkhead improves left-right steering balance * New upper deck is compatible with slide racks * Easy access diff * 13 stage motor positioning to balance the [...]


APlastics RC Grand National Clear Body

APlastics 1/10 Grand National Clear Body

Now available from Aplastics is the 1/10th scaled Grand National Clear Body. The APlastics Grand National has serious attitude and is an easy bolt-on upgrade for your drift or touring car. Here are the highlights- * Total Body Width- 202mm * Multi-piece body for increased realism * Includes fender extenders * Ducktail spoiler * Comes with side skirts & front lip * Includes overspray protection The APlastics [...]


APlastics Subaru Forester SG5 CrossSport Clear Body

APlastics Subaru Forester SG5 CrossSport Clear Body

Shipping right now from APlastics is a Subaru Forester SG5 CrossSport clear body. The Subaru is a solid choice if you are going for a wild new look on your drift or touring car. * Fits- 1/10 touring cars * Wheelbase- 259mm * Width- 199mm * Made from clear Lexan * Comes with protective overspray film * Front & rear light buckets included * Comes with decals [...]


Yokomo YD-2 SX II Red Drift Car

Yokomo YD-2 SXII Red Edition Drift Car

Just announced by Yokomo is a Red Edition of their YD-2 SXII drift car. The SXII is a high-end RWD drift machine that features the latest in side-ways technology. The Red Edition is a special limited edition release of just 500 cars. Each is loaded with red anodized aluminium parts to set you apart from the crowd. Pricing for the [...]



MST FMX 2.0 Drift Car

Recently announced by Max Speed Technology is the FMX 2.0 drift car. The 2.0 comes in kit form, loaded from nose to tail with carbon fiber to maximize performance. Here are the highlights- * New front suspension system * Incredible amount of steering angle * Two different Ackermann choices * Highly efficient drive system * Next-gen rear suspension * TR56 aluminum shocks Full details for the FMX [...]


Yokomo YD-4MR

Yokomo YD-4MR Drift Car

The crew over at Yokomo aren’t messing around in the drift scene. Over the last couple of years they have released some incredible cars, ones that have helped raise the bar in drifting. Their latest uber machine coming to the market will be the YD-4MR. The YD-4MR is a rear mid-motored 4wd high-end drifter designed for the ultimate in sideways [...]



d-like updates the Re-R Hybrid drift chassis and Real dri gy…

D-Like announced new versions of their heralded Re-R Hybrid chassis and Real Dri Gyro Premium . Based out of Japan’s southern Kumamoto prefecture, this shop has been at the forefront of weight shift style. The Re-R was the first design to utilize high sprung weight (the battery) to increase body roll – this style lends itself to realistic driving lines [...]


Max Speed Technology – FXXD-S IFS RWD Drift car

FXXD IFS what?? The name is a bit of a jumble, but I can assure the company isn’t. MST has been putting out some top shelf kits in recent years, and they do it at a pace that will make your head spin. The FXXD VIP drift car has been a very popular, but expensive rear wheel drive option from [...]