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MST Max Speed PST Drift Tire Series

MST Announces New PST Drift Tire Series

Slated to start shipping in December is a line-up of PST Drift Tires from the crew at Max Speed Technology. The new drift tire line-up has been engineered for high-end performance, with hot scale looks. Here are some highlights- * #830011 PST F/R drift tire (silver HDPE) (F2R2) * Suitable for tile and cement surfaces * Expected release date is December * Each set [...]


Fastrax RC Announces New 1/10th Drift Tire & Wheel Sets

Fastrax RC Announces New 1/10th Drift Tire & Wheel Sets

The big news over at Fastrax RC today is all about their new line-up of 1/10th scaled Drift Tire & Wheel Sets. Designed for style and performance this new line-up gives you a wide variety of looks to suit your build. Different offsets are available, are as a number of different colors. A 12mm wheel hex comes standard and they [...]


Traxxas 4-Tec Free Drift Tires

Free Drift Tires With Purchase of New Traxxas 4-Tec

The crew over at Traxxas has a special promotion going on now through April 30th where you get a Free Set Of Drift Tires when purchasing a new 4-Tec 2.0 on-road car. The drift tires come in green or orange and are totally free with your new 4-Tec! To get all the finer details, hit up This Link to make the [...]


Traxxas Kart Track Video

Kart Track Drift Battle With The Traxxas 4-Tec

Recently uploaded by Traxxas is a video showcasing their new Drift Tires. The drift tires were designed to work on the 4-Tec 2.0, as well as a bunch of other 1/10 on-road cars. Designed for a nice blend of breakaway potential and durability, the tires are made from a hard compound plastic. Watch the video below to see the new tires [...]


FireBrand RC CrownJewel-DT39 Wheels Pre-Mounted Mohawk Drift Tires

FireBrand RC CrownJewel-DT39 Wheels With Pre-Mounted Mohawk …

Now here is a tough looking set-up for your on-road machine, CrownJewel-DT39 Wheels With Pre-Mounted Mohawk Drift Tires from FireBrand RC. With these being pre-glued for your convenience, they give you more time to get your drift on. Here are some of their highlights- * Come as a set of four * Two wheels have a 3mm offset, the other two have [...]


FireBrand RC CrownJewel-DSR(3/9) drift wheels Sickle-R drift tires

FireBrand RC CrownJewel-DSR/Sickle-R Pre-mounts

New and hot from FireBrand RC are CrownJewel-DSR wheels pre-mounted with Sickle-R drift tires. The classically styled wheels are shod with low traction ABS plastic drift tires. If you are looking to bolt some serious attitude on your drift machine, these would make a nice choice. * 12mm wheel hex * Finished in gold satin with chrome accents * 3mm offset on two [...]


FireBrand RC Supernova Sub-Zero

FireBrand RC SuperNova/Sub-Zero Drift Rail Pre-Mounts

The innovators over at Fire Brand RC have just announced a new pre-mounted set of wheels and tires for your drift car. Coming soon is the SuperNova Wheel/Sub-Zero Tire pre-mounted set. If you take a close look at the tires you’ll see that they have a dual internal bevel, they are literally ready to be run on a set of [...]


FireBrand RC SUPERSKUNK D2 Drift Tires

FireBrand RC SUPERSKUNK D2 Drift Wheels/Tires

The crew over at FireBrand RC keep putting out sick new drift wheel and tire combos. Their latest is white SUPERSKUNK wheels with pre-mounted D2 tires. The D2 tires are ultra-low profile and are a 2 piece piece ABS plastic design that make it easy to get sideways at your local drift track. The SUPERSKUNK 3mm offset wheels are galaxy [...]


FireBrand RC Drift Wheels Tires

FireBrand RC HYDRA–DSR Drift Wheel & Tire Set

Get your slide-on with the new Hydra-DSR drift wheel and tire set from FireBrand RC. The set is made from high quality ABS plastic and rubber, making them durable while giving you the performance you are looking for. A 12mm hex (with 3mm offset) is used to fit a wide variety of different vehicles and the tires come pre-glued for [...]


FireBrand RC – Hydra XD drift wheel and tire combo

FireBrand is hard at it again with a new drift tire and wheel combo. The Hyrda XD is a 3mm offset drift tire combo with Blade ABS tires pre-glued so all you have to do is slap them on and go. Perfect for the drifter who doesn’t like to mount their own tires. The blade ABS drift tires feature a beveled [...]