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Swatch X DRL 2019 Watch Unboxing Video

So here’s an unboxing video that’s a little different! Today we unbox the Swatch X DRL 2019 watch! So while I can hear a few of you rolling your eyes, this is actually a pretty big deal. Swatch is a HUGE company and they have been a sponsor as the timing system for the Drone Racing League (DRL) and it’s [...]


Bud Light DRL Tryouts

$75,000 Bud Light DRL Tryouts

Here is some HUGE news in the FPV Drone racing world, Bud Light is putting up $75,000 in the Drone Racing Leagues’ Simulator Tryouts. To boil it down, if you win the simulator based tryouts, Bud Light will hook you up with a 75 grand contract. Wow, and it goes to show just how far FPV racing has come in [...]


DRL Drone Racing League – Level 1 Qualifiers Video

A few weeks back, I reported on the upcoming DRL or Drone Racing League. With lots of buzz leading up to the first event, or “level”, a video of the race has finally been released showcasing the first truly big budget FPV racing event. Check it out below, and for more info on the DRL, check out the Drone Racing League home page. Stay [...]


The multi-million dollar drone racing league goes live.

What’s that you say? You STILL don’t believe me, your humble neighborhood drone writer, that FPV racing is taking over in 2016? Well then, I implore you to check out the upcoming DRL or Drone Racing League. While organizations like Multi GP have been taking a community-driven, “grass roots” approach to FPV racing (which is AWESOME, by the way. Multi GP is a fantastic organization and I [...]