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Updated Spektrum DX4S

Spektrum Updates the DX4S

The Spektrum DX4S has been a favorite of the basher crowd since its release. It has a mid-range price point, it has 4 channels, and it comes with AVC. Recently Spektrum made it better than ever with a few updates. The updates include- * Extended range * Improved user interface * Software bug fixes The DX4S gets a new part number of #SPM4010W but [...]


Spektrum DX4S Review

Review – Spektrum DX4S 4-Channel DSMR AVC Radio System

THE Spektrum DX4S 4-Channel DSMR AVC Radio System ReviewWhat’s the real scoop on Spektrum’s new AVC (Active Vehicle Control) system? Does it work? Can it truly make your car easier to drive? Is it just another marketing gimmick? Has range improved with the newer Spektrum products? We’ve been driving, testing, and beating on a Spektrum DX4S for weeks now and [...]


Spektrum Spektrum_DX4S_4-Channel_

Spektrum DX4S 4-Channel DSMR Radio System

Are you a rock crawler, basher, or boater? If so the new Spektrum DX4S 4-channel 2.4 GHz sport radio system should be right down your alley. The DX4S comes with pre-set mixes for 4wd steering, on the fly mix rate control, two user defined mixes and ABS. The newest Spektrum operates on DSMR 2.4 GHz and is compatible with all [...]