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RPM Heavy Duty Rear Bumper T-Maxx E-Maxx

RPM Heavy Duty T-Maxx & E-Maxx Rear Bumper

Whether you are getting your truck ready for BigSquidRC’s Maxx-Fest 2018, or you are just pulling it out of the garage to get it running for the season, RPM’s new Heavy Duty Rear Bumper is a great idea. Their new bumper for the T and E-Maxx was designed for unparalleled performance and protection, as well as featuring RPM’s legendary blend [...]


MAXX Fest 2018

MAXX-Fest 2018!!!

That’s right folks, we are trying to break the internet! In a never ending quest to have the most Fun ever with an rc truck, BigSquidRC is going old school with MAXX-Fest 2018!!!. Just like the name implies, only MAXX series vehicles like the original T-Maxx, the mighty E-Maxx, and the all conquering X-Maxx are invited to attend. We plan [...]


Traxxas E-Maxx Video

Video – Ready For Liftoff With The Traxxas E-Maxx

Recently posted by Traxxas is a new action video for the E-Maxx monster truck. Watch the video above to see some good old fashioned bashing, along with one amazing wall ride, put on by the legendary E-Maxx. The truck in the video is the brushed variant and puts on quite a display while hitting dirt jumps and roosting around corners. To [...]


T-Bone E-Maxx Chassis Brace

New E-Maxx Chassis Braces From T-Bone Racing

There are bashers, then there are HardCore Thrashers. If you push your Traxxas E-Maxx to the edge every weekend, you’ll want to know about the new Chassis Braces from T-Bone Racing. The chassis braces don’t just protect the bottom of your truck, but can also help prevent broken bulkheads and snapping a chassis. TBR has designed a pair of new chassis [...]


Traxxas Self-Righting

Self-Righting Comes To The Traxxas Stampede 4X4 VXL & E-Maxx…

Self-Righting isn’t just for the X-Maxx anymore, it is now being released along with the TSM Stampede 4×4 VXL and the TSM Brushless Edition E-Maxx. Also of note, the Traxxas Link Wireless Module (part number #6511) allows you to connect a TQi transmitter to your smart device. From there you can download the Traxxas Link app, do a firmware update, and [...]


TBR A-Arm skids E-Maxx

T-Bone Racing Front A-Skids for the Traxxas E-Maxx

Don’t you hate it when you are out bashing and you get a stick caught in your a-arm? With the new Front A-Arm Skids from T-Bone Racing you won’t have to worry about that problem. Designed to fit the Traxxas E-Maxx, the skids will keep sticks out of the arms while giving them added protection against rocks (or curbs). The skids [...]


Pro-Line 1966 Ford F-100 Clear Body

Pro-Line 1966 Ford F-100 Hay Hauler Clear Body

The good folks over at Pro-Line have released full information on their two new fully licensed 1966 Ford F-100 “Hay Hauler” bodies. These have that trick old school look and are very detailed to give your truck a unique look the next time you hit the local bash spot. Check out the step-sides and fender flares, the ’66 F-100 will [...]


Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts Losi Traxxas

Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts for Losi & Traxxas Vehicles

One of our favorite innovations of the last couple of years has been the Pro-Line Thumbwasher sets. These replace traditional body clips and won’t fall off and get lost during a hard bash session. They also help keep your body from ripping out around the body post. The Pro-Line crew has incorporated their Thumbwasher sets into their new Extended Body Mounts [...]


TVR Ball-X

TVR Ball-X Heavy Duty Driveshafts for Traxxas Revo and Maxx …

Being the hardcore basher that you are, you’ve already blown up plenty of stock driveshafts. TVR has come up with heavy duty Ball-X driveshafts for the Traxxas Revo and Maxx series trucks. Big brushless power can definitely make the life of the stockers quite short, TVR claims their new Ball-X driveshafts are some of the toughest and smoothest available. TVR uses [...]


cubby with torc spoke-model

ASK Cub Reporter, 07.04.2013, Happy Birthday America Edition

Hi guys, Were can I buy the e-maxx sway bar kit??? Regards, Jason Cubby– Yo hey Jason, what’s up and congrats, you’ve just won “Letter of the Month” entitling you to a brand new and crazy Über BigSquidRC t-shirt. Even in your size! Hit Brian up with an email containing your snail mail to be the coolest dude at your LBS (local bash spot). [...]


Traxxas Models without battery

Save Money – Traxxas Lipo Ready Models Without Battery Packs

Notice how much Traxxas prices have went up lately? You can save some cash as Traxxas is now offering many of their Lipo ready models without battery packs. This saves you money and nobody likes paying extra for battery packs they don’t want or need. Traxxas still includes a Lipo battery charger with all the trucks, two chargers on models [...]


RPM Bulkheads for Traxxas T-Maxx E-Maxx

RPM Front and Rear Bulkheads for Traxxas T-Maxx and E-Maxx

How many bulkheads have you busted on your Traxxas T-Maxx/E-Maxx over the years? If you are anything like us, dozens. Cue the crew over at RPM RC Products. RPM is known for making the most durable aftermarket parts in the industry out their unique blend of plastic. RPM has just announced their new Front and Rear Bulkheads for the Traxxas Maxx [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 06.21.2012, Version: Q&A Can Be Fun

Pro-Line Transmission Is there a projected availability date? Is there a waiting list? What does one have to do to get one of these? I’m sure you get numerous similar requests, thanks for any info. you can provide. Paul M. Cubby– Hola amigo, mucho gracias for the email. Enjoy the stickers that will be headed out your way. Release date for the uber Pro-Line [...]


Don’t let the snow slow you down!!!!

Hello everyone – Even though Old Man Winter has given most of the lower 48 a break this year. For us here in Chicagoland, there is a couple of inches of snow on the ground which is perfect for the snowmobile conversion from Integy. Rear treads and front ski’s are available. For those of you in a [...]