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Traxxas Waterproof E-Revo E-Maxx

Traxxas Brushless E-Revo & E-Maxx Now Waterproof

Waterproofing has become something to be expected when buying a bash vehicle. Now Traxxas has updated their Brushless E-Revo and Brushless E-Maxx with waterproof electronics. Traxxas has installed a new Traxxas/Castle MXL-6S speed controller in both trucks to make sure the fun doesn’t stop when the going gets wet. The part number for the waterproof E-Revo is #56085 and it has [...]


Best Buy Traxxas

World’s Most Expensive Traxxas E-Revo?

Have you just won the lotto and want to buy the world’s most expensive Traxxas E-Revo? While in my local Best Buy electronics store last night, Cubby and I had a salesperson look up “Traxxas” in their computer system just to see if we could buy one. It turns out that yes you can buy several different Traxxas vehicles directly from [...]


Outerwears covering up E-Revos

Outerwears, makers of fine outer wear, have a new way for you E-Revo owners to keep your truck clean.  Their water repellent shroud helps keep water, mud, dirt and all that other junk out of your chassis, while still allowing necessary airflow to keep the electronics cool.  The shroud comes with Velcro to keep it attached securely to the chassis.  [...]