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Pro-Line Electron 2wd Buggy Pre-Mounted Tires

Pro-Line Announce New Pre-Mounted Race Buggy Tires

Shipping soon from Pro-Line are several new Pre-Mounted 1/10 Race Buggy Tire Sets. Pre-mounted tires are great for saving time, while still getting all the wonderful traction that Pro-Line tires are known for. All the pre-mounts are made in the USA and are available on either white or yellow Velocity wheels. Here are more details. Electron 2.2″ 2WD Front Buggy Tires [...]


Pro-Line Electron Front Buggy Tires

New 2.2″ Electron Front Buggy Tires From Pro-Line

The crew over at Pro-Line have dropped new 2.2″ Front Electron Buggy Tires for your race buggy. New for 2wd is an Electron In Soft S3 Rubber Compound, while new for 4wd is an Electron In Soft M3. Take a look at the highlights- * Perfect for abrasive indoor tracks * Connected tire tread technology * Designed for improved traction & wear * Electrons [...]


Pro-Line Electron Tires

New 1/10 Buggy Tires From Pro-Line

Are you getting ready to race some indoor buggy this winter? If so, the Pro-Line crew has some new tire options for you. For the rear of your 1/10th buggy Pro-Line has announced 2.2″ Electron Rears in X2 compound. The X2 compound is designed for long wear and the Electron tread pattern is a proven winner on a bunch of tracks [...]


Pro-Line Electron Stadium Truck Tires

Video – Pro-Line Electron T 2.2″ Stadium Truck Tires

The good folks over at Pro-line Racing have just put out a new video to showcase their Electron T 2.2″ Stadium Truck Tires. The Electons were designed for high bite indoor tracks and are known for giving precise steering with high corner speeds. They also utilize connected tire tread technology to reduce wear on even the most abrasive of tracks. [...]


P-L Electron ST Tires

Pro-Line Racing Electron Stadium Truck Tires

Lay down some serious power in the resurrected stadium truck class with Electrons from Pro-Line. Closed cell inserts come standard and the Electron tread is known for giving consistent forward and side bite. The Electrons will be priced around $23 per pair, they have a part number of #8248-03 for M4 compound and #8248-17 for MC compound, and they should start [...]


Pro-Line Tires

New Electron and LockDown Buggy Tires from Pro-Line

Pro-Line has announced several new tires for your racing/bashing pleasure. First up are several new Electron VTR 2.4″ buggy front tires. There are four new sets of these available- M4 and MC compound for both 2wd and 4wd 1/10 buggies. These are all priced at $20 per pair. For the 8th scale buggy crowd, Pro-Line has announced a bunch of [...]


Pro-Line Electron VTR 2.4" Buggy Rear Tires

Pro-Line Electron VTR 2.4″ Buggy Rear Tires

2.4″, 8th scale type bead tires are all the rage in the 10th scale class now days, and Pro-Line has announced their latest entry into the class, Electron rear tires. These are part of their VTR line-up, meaning they are 2.4″ in size with the new style (for tenth scale) beads. The tread design on the Electrons is best suited [...]