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Toyan FS-L400 Nitro Model Engine RC

Toyan FS-L400 Four-cylinder Four-stroke Water Cooled Nitro M…

For all you high-end builders out there, Toyan is now shipping their FS-L400 Four-cylinder Nitro Model Engine. The crew at Toyan have created one of the most scale looking, and esoteric small scale engines of all time, an engine that can be used in the wildest of builds. Here are the highlights- * Shipping now * Displacement – 3.5cc x 4 (14cc [...]


Team Associated Factory Team 4-shoe Steel Flywheel RC8B3

Team Associated Factory Team 4-Shoe Steel Flywheel For The R…

Over at Team Associated they have announced a new Factory Team 4-Shoe Steel Flywheel. The new flywheel was designed to fit nitro buggies like the RC8B3 and adds mass to the clutch assembly for smoother bottom end power and a more stable engine idle. * Factory Team steel flywheel weight- 36 grams * Fits RC8B3/RC8T3 and .21 off-road nitro engines The Team Associated [...]


Cross RC C12 1/12 Scale Engine Kit

Teaser – Cross RC C12 1/12 Scale Engine Kit

The folks over at Cross RC are now teasing a 1/12 C12 Scale Engine Kit. Their new engine kit has insane levels of detailing and can be used in your next truck build, or you can simply use it as a very cool engine on display. The engine has a part number of #97400430, but we have no information on a [...]


Drake OS Engine Video

Video – OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Engine

The folks at Hobbico recently uploaded a new video for the Drake Edition B21 nitro engine from O.S. Speed. The Drake B21 was designed to work well in both 1/8th buggies and truggies, giving you the power needed to be on the top step of the podium. The video goes over the major features of the Drake B21 like its [...]


OS Speed B21 Adam Drake

O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake Engine Now Shipping

The folks over at Hobbico just sent us a press releases to let us know that the uber new Adam Drake Edition O.S. Speed B21 nitro engine is now shipping. The Drake engine is available right now and was designed to put out the serious horsepower that you need to win races, while also being fuel efficient to give you [...]


OS Speed Adam Drake Edition Engine

O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Nitro Engine

Just announced by O.S. Speed is the B21 Adam Drake Edition nitro engine. The new Drake engine is a .21 that was designed for both buggy and truggy racing. Here are some of its highlights- * New porting & cylinder liner * 6.5 & 8.0mm carb reducers * New bore x stroke – 16.40 x 16.55 mm * Ceramic rear bearing * 21J carburetor * P3 [...]


O.S. 21XR-B Version II

O.S. 21XR-B Version II Nitro Engine

Have you been having trouble with the nitro engine in your 1/8th scale buggy? If so, the totally re-designed O.S. 21XR-B Version II is made just for you. The big 21XR-B V2 puts out serious power, yet is designed to be more reliable than ever. Here are some of its highlights- * 2.42 horsepower at 33,000 rpm * 4,000 to 40,000 practical [...]


OS Speed 21XZ-B Tessmann

O.S. Speed 21XZ-B Spec. II Ty 110% Engine

Coming in late September is the O.S. Speed 21XZ-B Spec. II Ty Tessmann 110% Nitro Engine. This particular edition of the 21XZ-B has been tweaked by Ty Tessmann himself for optimal performance and is a limited edition unit. If you are wanting to bolt serious power into your 1/8 buggy, this engine is for you. * Long stroke design * 7 mm [...]


O.S. Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II Nitro Engine

O.S. Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II Nitro Engine

When nitro racing, the engine is the heart of your machine. It makes all the difference on whether you have the power to pass guys on the straight or can make the big triple every lap. A good engine also makes the difference between winning a race or continually flaming out. That’s why O.S. Speed has announced the B21 Ty [...]


LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Square Stroke

LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Square Stroke Race Engine

Ready for battle this summer in the off-road racing wars is the new LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Square Stroke nitro engine. The new LRP uses a square stroke design for increased linearity and comes with a trick low profile cooling head. Here are some of its other highlights- * More responsive low end power * Lower fuel consumption * 17mm lower cooling head * Ceramic [...]


LRP ZR.28 Spec.4

Updated LRP ZR.28 SPEC.4 Nitro Engine

New from LRP is an updated version of their ZR.28 SPEC.4 nitro engine. On the new version of the big .28 LRP has seen fit to install a new carburetor for easier adjustment, better idling, and more torque. The engine also sports a new head for improved cooling. Furthermore, the LRP .28 uses compact construction allowing it to be installed [...]


Tekno BLOK 21aM .21 Nitro Engine

Two New Nitro Engines From Tekno RC

Power up your 1/8th scale nitro burner with a pair of new engines from Tekno RC. First up is the BLOK 21aM (#TKR1710) buggy engine with the second being the BLOK 21aP (#TKR1711) truggy engine. Both are high-end competition engines that are priced at $469 and will start shipping in March. Here are some of their features- * 3 needle carb * DLC [...]


OS 21XZ-B Speed Spec II Gold Edition Engine

O.S. Engines 21XZ-B Speed Spec II Gold Edition & Glow Plug

Rip up you local dirt track with the new 21XZ-B Speed Spec II Gold Edition Engine from O.S. Engines. This .21 sized power plant not only has an uber looking gold head, it also sport some serious horsepower (2.61 hp @ 34000 rpm!) to liven up your 1/8th buggy or truggy. This is an 80th anniversary edition engine that comes [...]


OS Las Vegas Edition

O.S. Engines Las Vegas Edition Speed B2101

Did you know that O.S. Engines has won more IFMAR 1/8 World Championships than any other manufacturer? To help commemorates the 2016 IFMAR Worlds Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada this year, O.S. is releasing a limited edition Las Vegas Edition Speed B2101 nitro engine. The engine features a distinct stars and stripes livery on its head and was designed to [...]


O.S. Gold Edition 21

O.S. Speed 21 XZ-B Spec II Gold Edition Nitro Engine

Who said nitro was dead? In fact, we saw more nitro burners at our bash last weekend than we’ve seen in recent years. The 8th scale nitro racing community is also having solid turnouts, thus the need for 8th scale race engines like the one recently announced by O.S. Engines. The crew at O.S. have released information on a Gold [...]