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Reedy BlackBox 510R 1S ESC

Reedy Blackbox 510R 1S Competition ESC

New from Reedy is the Blackbox 510R 1S Competition ESC. The 510R 1S is perfect for 1/12th scale pan car racing and was designed for excellent throttle and brake control. Check out these highlights- * CNC machined black aluminum case * Max Voltage- 1S LiPo * Motor Limit- 3.5 turns * Fully adjustable brake, throttle, power, & safety functions * On-board power button * Blinky mode * [...]


Maclan Racing MMax 8 Brushless ESC

Maclan Racing 1/8 MMax 8 Brushless ESC

Shipping soon from Maclan Racing is the MMax 8 Brushless ESC. The MMax 8 is set-up for 1/8 scale racing and can bring you the latest in electronic speed control technology. Look at these highlights- * Designed in conjunction with world champion Jared Tebo * Full aluminum case * 8.4 volt BEC * 32-Bit CPU platform * Optional WiFi module * Adjustable throttle & brake PWM [...]


Carisma Scale Adventure ARC-2 Crawler ESC Brushed

Carisma Scale Adventure ARC-2 Brushed Crawler ESC

Shipping right now from Carisma Scale Adventure is the ARC-2 Brushed Crawler ESC. Ivan and his crew specifically designed the ARC-2 for high-end rock crawling performance. Perhaps the coolest feature on the ARC-2 is its Decent Control. Decent Control acts as a “gravity assist”, allowing you to descend a steep hill in a scale manner. The gravity assist balances brake [...]


Spektrum SMART ESC Firma Avian

Spektrum Announces Line-Up Of Smart ESCs

New from Spektrum is a line-up of Smart Technology ESCs. On the surface side Spektrum has announced the Firma ESC line-up, while the air side is called Avian. For now, Spektrum has introduced 3 Firma surface controllers and 6 Avian controllers for the air crowd. * No additional sensors needed for telemetry data straight to radio in real time * Telemetry shows [...]


Reedy SC400X Brushed Crawler ESC

Reedy SC400X Brushed Scale Rock Crawler ESC

The folks over at Reedy have announced that the stock ESC in the AE Enduro trail truck is now available for purchase separately. The SC400X Brushed ESC is an affordable entry level unit that should be a solid choice for crawling. Here are the highlights- * 3S LiPo maximum cell count * Built in low voltage cut-off * Fully proportional forward & reverse * [...]


Reedy Blackbox 1000Z+ Pro ESC

Reedy Blackbox 1000Z+ PRO Sensored Brushless ESC

Shipping now from Reedy is the Blackbox 1000Z+ Pro Sensored Brushless ESC. The 1000Z+ Pro is a high-end race ESC that is suitable to either mod or spec racing classes. Here are the highlights- * Small footprint * CNC machined aluminum heat skink * Single button programming * Fully adjustable * ROAR approved zero timing software * Adjustable timing for mod classes * 13-gauge power wires * Update-able [...]


Reds Racing 160A ZX PRO ESC

Reds Racing ZX PRO 160 Amp ESC

Coming to a hobby shop near you soon is the Reds Racing 160A ZX PRO brushless ESC. The ZX PRO was designed for use in 1/10th scale vehicles for hardcore racing. Here are the highlights- * All new design * Designed for maximum racing performance * Rated for 160 amps continuous * New exceptionally smooth throttle and brake algorithms * Smaller and lighter than previous [...]


Tekin RC BXR Scale Rock Crawler ESC

Tekin BXR Scale Rock Crawler ESC

Coming soon from Tekin is the BXR scale rock crawler ESC. The Tekin BXR electronic speed controller was designed specifically for all you rock crawlers out there. Have a look at the BXR’s feature list- * Brushed only design * 3rd channel input for on-the-fly drag brake adjustments * Active drag brake technology * Small footprint, easy to install * Element proof design * One touch [...]



R1 Wurks LCG Digital-3 Brushless ESC

New from R1 Wurks is the LCG Digital-3 Brushless ESC. Just like the name implies, the ESC was designed to keep its weight as low as possible on your chassis to help improve handling. Here are just some of its features- * Ultra-smooth power delivery for mod classes * Ultra-efficient for stock classes * Advanced component level cooling system * Zero timing blinky mode * [...]


Hobbywing WP-880 Dual Waterproof ESC Speed Controller

Hobbywing WP-880 Dual Brushed Waterproof ESC

Coming soon from the crew at Hobbywing is the QuicRun WP-880 dual output ESC. The dual outputs on the WP-880 make it easy to wire up a dual motor set-up on your crawler, here are the highlights- * Designed for use in 1/10 and 1/8 sized vehicles * Waterproof design * Brushed motors only * 4S maximum LiPo cell count * 6 volt, 4 amp [...]


Tekin RSX PRO Brushless ESC

Tekin RSX PRO Brushless ESC

Looking for a new high-end 1/10 ESC? New from Tekin is the RSX Pro. Designed for the rigorous demands of today’s modified racing, the Pro version of the RSX is ready to put you on the top step of the podium. Here is the 411- * All new FET package * New heavy duty solder posts * Efficient aluminum heat sink housing * Detachable [...]


SkyRC Toro TS150 Brushless ESC

SkyRC Toro TS150 Pro Brushless ESC

Coming soon from SkyRC is the Toro TS150 Brushless ESC. The TS150 was designed for high current 1/8th scale applications like monster truck, truggy, and buggy racing. Here are just some of its highlights- * 2-6S LiPo input power * 6 volt, 3 amp BEC, max current 8 amps * Shock resistant cooling fan * Built in Turbo Timing * Available Wi-Fi module * Precise throttle [...]


SkyRC Toro Beast V2 ESC

SkyRC Toro Beast V2 1/5 ESC

New for all you large scale brushless drivers is the Toro Beast V2 electronic speed controller from SkyRC. The crew at SkyRC have updated the Toro Beast for even greater performance and reliability, take a look at the specifications below. * Designed for large scale applications like 1/5th scale * Rated for 200 amps constant, 800 amps burst * Internal high power 6/7.4 [...]


Muchmore Fleta Pro V2 1S

Muchmore FLETA PRO V2 1S Brushless ESC

New for the ever growing brushless ESC market is the Fleta Pro V2 1S from Muchmore Racing. The second version of the Fleta Pro features an all aluminum case to help keep temps down, as well as for a trick look. Here are more highlights- * Full aluminium case for improved heat dissipation * Internal switch system * Compact, lightweight design to fit [...]


Reedy Blackbox 600Z ESC / Sonic 540-FT 21.5 Combo

Reedy Blackbox 600Z ESC/Sonic 540-FT 21.5 Brushless Combo

Now shipping from Reedy is the Blackbox 600Z ESC/Sonic 540-FT 21.5 Brushless Combo. Designed for local 21.5 on-road racing, the new combo makes it affordable to bolt up a new power system into your car. Check out these highlights- * 2S max cell count * 60 amp ESC * 13.5 turn limit on ESC * SBEC- 6 volts, 3 amp * Perfect for entry level [...]