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Estes Proto-X Six

Estes Proto-X Six Drone

When you think Estes Proto-X, you think small, fun to fly quadcopter. However, Estes is upping their Proto-X game with the the Proto X Six Nano Hexcopter. That’s right, the latest Proto-X comes with 6 rotors, not just 4. * 6 rotors make it even more stable and easy to fly * You can chose to fly in “normal” or “True Direction” [...]


Estes Proto X Vid with Camera Nano Drone

Estes Proto X Vid With Camera Nano Drone

Looking for an affordable drone to get your feet wet shooting aerial video? Ya, me too. New from Estes is the Proto X Vid. It is extremely wallet friendly and can shoot 480p video of your flights. A 2.4GHz radio system keeps thing under control, while a six axis gyro with an “Auto Upright System” self-corrects the drone no matter [...]


Estes Proto N Micro Drone

Ultra-Tiny Estes Proto-N Micro Drone

The world conquering Estes Proto-X was incredibly small, but the new Estes Proto-N is so much smaller that it makes the X look like a giant. In fact, the Proto-N is one of the World’s smallest drones, making it easy to fly in even very small areas. It is also so small that it is easily stored in a compartment [...]


hobbico at hobbytown usa

Hobbico at the 2015 HobbyTown USA Convention

Champaign Illinois powerhouse Hobbico always has a large room at the HobbyTown USA convention and 2015 was no different. What was different was the amount of quads/drones on display. A couple of years ago there might have been only one or two, last year there was a few, but this year their booth had dozens of quads at every price [...]


Estes Proto-Z

Estes Proto-Z Micro RTF Quadcopter

Get your feet wet in a true drone flying experience with the new Proto-Z from Estes. Much like the extremely popular Proto-X, the Proto-Z comes at a very affordable price point and should be exceptionally easy to fly. In fact, the Proto-Z comes with a True Direction Mode that makes it fly the same way that you move the sticks. [...]


Proto X Today Show

Estes Proto-X Makes an Appearance on the Today Show

When the Today Show staff went looking for gadgets to cure the wintertime blues, the Estes Proto-X came to the rescue. Watch the short clip above to see Hoda and Kathie Lee’s reaction to the tiny, yet incredibly fun, Proto-X quadcopter. You can also hit up This Link to visit the Estes website for more information on the extremely popular [...]


Estes Proto X FPV Quadcopter

Estes Proto-X Micro HD FPV Quadcopter

The folks over at Estes have a new version of the incredibly popular Proto X quadcopter, the Micro HD FPV. The big news is its larger size, now 4.5″, and its high def first person video. A 1280 x 720P camera transmits a video feed back the transmitter where you can fly the Proto-X in the first person view. Some [...]


TheToyz Nano Quadcopter Storage Case

TheToyz Nano Quadcopter Storage Case

In the beginning there was the Estes Proto-X. It blew away consumers and was the big sales hit of X-mas 2013. Since then a dozen different companies have put out nano sized quads. To help protect and keep all your nano quadcopter gear organized, the fine folks over at TheToyz have announced a new storage case. The storage case features heavy [...]


Raging Rotors: Like Being Attacked by Mosquitos

Hello all! First of all, iHobby was surely entertaining, and I had a great time bashing with the crew as one of two pilots representing BSRC. Those Dromida Ominus (or is it Omini?) sure took a beating, especially with Cubby behind the controls. Side note: apparently I shall hereby be called Kevin Hot Sauce. Please forward all questions to Tim, as I have [...]


First Pro-Line Pro-MT Owner

Big Winners at iHobby 2014

Doesn’t the young man in the picture above look happy? He sure does, he is the first owner in the entire world of the new Pro-Line Pro-MT monster truck. We ended up giving away a second Pro-MT as well, you can see its happy owner in the second gallery below. We were very fortunate to be able to give a lot [...]


Estes Control Blade Guard Proto-X

Estes Control Blade Guard for the Proto-X

Tired of looking for a rotor blade after crashing your Estes Proto-X? If you own one you know what I’m talking about, those things are tiny and can be hard to find sometimes. Estes has announced a new rotor guard that not only protects the blades on the Proto-X, but can also keep them from getting knocked off. The rotor guard [...]


Estes Proto-X Has New Lower Price $29.99!

The Estes Proto-X was one of our favorite recent product releases. I’m not kidding when I say everyone at Big Squid owns at least one, and most of us have 2 or 3! If you haven’t picked up one of these awesome micro-quadcopters, now you have no excuse! They are available in 6 colors, comes completely RTF, and part [...]


Estes Proto X SLT

Estes Proto X SLT Nano Quadcopter RTF

Estes has announced their latest version of the very popular Proto X, the Proto X SLT. What does the SLT bring to the plate? It has the ability to do flips and rolls, while its SLT protocol allows it to be flown with popular radio systems like the Tactic TTX650. * Has a triple-axis, three-accelerometer gyro Auto-Upright system * Includes four spare [...]


Estes Proto-X Canopy TheToyz

Colored Canopies for the Estes Proto-X from TheToyz

If you’ve ever flown a bunch of Estes Proto-Xs at the same time then you already know how hard it is to tell them apart. On the same note, if you are a big fan of the Proto-X then you know there just aren’t many aftermarket upgrades available either. Lucky for you TheToyz are big fans of the Proto-X and have [...]


Thetoyz proto x blade sets

TheToyz Colored Rotor Blade Sets for the Estes Proto X

While the Estes Proto X has been a massive seller, there just haven’t been many aftermarket parts for it. The crew over at TheToyz is out to change that, first off by offering three new Colored Rotor Blade Sets for the Estes. With color options that include red, yellow, and green, the new rotor sets are sure to help your [...]