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Drift Itch – Weight Transfer setups and RWD.

Hey gang welcome to the first full fledged (say that fast 3 times) Drift itch of 2016. Today on the plate is a subject i’ve debated even writing about for some time. My entire goal with this column is to try to attract new players into the RC Drift arena. So in doing I tend to stay out of the [...]


Drift Itch – Plastic Fantastic

What’s up drift peeps, Evol here with another installment of the Drift Itch. This week’s itch is aimed at those RC folks on the sidelines who have the “itch” to try RC drift but maybe they feel like they don’t have the funds to throw at a fully blinged carbon and billet drift sled. Well I’m here to tell ya [...]


ABC Hobby – Scale drift bodies

Hey RC drift addicts, Evol here again to point out some massively cool drift bodies available for your scale drift project. ABC hobby has been in business as an RC manufacturer since 1968 in Osaka Japan. They started out making car and boat kits, but eventually moved into making a complete line up of RC accessories. However more recently they are [...]