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KO Propo Select Packs

KO Propo EX-2 Select Packs

Recently announced by KO Propo are two Select Packs for the EX-2 transmitter. The first Select Pack includes options like a wheel drop down extension unit and LCD Xpansion Unit. The second Select Pack also includes the wheel extension and LCD Xpansion Unit, but also adds the optional battery stand unit which allows the use of other rechargeable batteries. Want [...]


KO Propo EX-2

KO Propo EX-2 KIY Radio System

KO Propo has announced the latest addition to their radio line-up, the EX-2 KIY. The EX-2 isn’t intended to replace the more high-end EX-1, instead it is aimed at intermediate level drivers. Some of the highlights of the EX-2 include- * 2.7″ LCD display that can be rotated * 4 channels * K.I.Y. parts compatible * Dual 2.4GHz output with FHSS and MHS for [...]