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KO Propo EX-RR ST-2

KO Propo EX-RR ST-2 Transmitter

Coming soon from KO Propo is the EX-RR ST-2 2.4GHz surface transmitter. The EX-RR ST-2 is one of the highest-end radios on the market and has received numerous upgrades over the previous unit. Here are some highlights- * New upgraded angle sensor for increased durability and response * Dual bearings on wheel shaft for improved smoothness * New linear spring on wheel * Lengthened [...]


KO Propo EX-RR

KO Propo EX-RR Transmitter

KO Propo has a great reputation when it comes to high-end radios. Their latest is the EX-RR which has a bunch of upgrades over previous models. What is the scoop on the EX-RR? * Newly designed trigger with shorter displacement length * New trigger spring adjustment screw * New trigger angle sensor * New straight rate spring used on steering wheel * 2mm smaller diameter [...]