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Exotek Losi Super Baja Rock Rey Aluminum Front Gearbox Set

Exotek Losi Super Baja/Rock Rey Aluminum Front Gearbox Set

New from Exotek is a Aluminum Front Gearbox Set for the Losi Super Baja/Rock Rey. The aluminum gearbox set was designed for extreme use, while also looking awesome. * Fits 1/6 Losi Super Baja Rey & Super Rock Rey * Designed for extreme durability * Eliminates flexing * Maintains proper mesh inside * Anodized in gun metal then polished * Comes with sticker sheet The Exotek [...]


Exotek Racing Losi Rock Rey Front Shock Tower

Exotek Racing Front Shock Tower for the Losi Rock Rey

New from Exotek Racing is a very trick Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower for the Losi Rock Rey. The stock shock tower on the mighty Rock Rey is plastic, the Exotek tower was designed for heavy duty use. Here are the details- * Mount made from CNC machined 7075 aluminum alloy * Shock tower made from 5mm thick carbon fiber * Direct bolt-on * [...]


Exotek J-Zero USGT Body

Exotek 1/10 J-Zero Clear USGT Body

New for all you USGT racers out there is a J-Zero body from Exotek Racing. The J-Zero was designed from the ground up for maximum performance. Here are the highlights- * Aggressive aero package with minimal drag * Muscular fenders, aggressive front splitter * Low slung hood, plus downforce inducing side skirts * Sports car cockpit * 2 different trim lines * Comes with large rear [...]


Exotek Associated B6.1 Front Camber Mount

Exotek Associated B6.1 Front Camber Mount

Coming soon from the good folks over at Exotek Racing is a new Associated B6.1 Front Camber Mount. This premium aluminum upgrade fits the B6, T6, and SC6 series of vehicles from Associated. Made from heavy duty 7075 aluminum, the mount comes with a very trick 2 color anodizing treatment and only weights 15 grams. The Exotek B6.1 Front Camber Mount [...]


EXOTEK Aluminum Rear Hub Set Team Associated

EXOTEK Aluminum Rear Hub Set For The B64/T6.1/SC6.1

New from Exotek are Dual Anodized Aluminum Rear Hubs for the Team Associated B64/T6.1/SC6.1. Not only are the rear hubs stronger than the stock units, but they also feature a very trick 2 color anodized look. * Polished black base w/ blue chamfered accents * 2 grams lighter than AE alloy hubs * 2mm roll center spacers * Hubs are non-directional Priced at $34 a [...]


Exotek R-Tek GT Body

Exotek R-Tek GT Clear Racing Body

New for all you World GT racers out there is the R-Tek GT clear body from Exotek Racing. The R-Tek GT brings a hot new look to the World GT class, here is more of the scoop- * Aggressive splitter and muscular fenders * Side skirts for more downforce * Sports car style cockpit * Two trim lines * USGT legal rear wing * Realistic rearward [...]


Exotek LST 3XL Aluminum Carbon Fiber Upgrades Accessories

Exotek Racing Losi LST 3XL Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Upgrades

The crew over at Exotek Racing have announced 6 new upgrades for all you Losi LST 3XL-E owners. Exotek made their name in the mini-racing scene over a decade ago, now days they are best known for making high-end upgrade parts. Now all you 3XL-E owners can bolt on some aluminum or carbon fiber goodness to your bash-beast. #1854- Alloy rear [...]


Exotek Edge EB410 Body

Exotek Edge Body For The Tekno EB410

Coming soon from Exotek Racing is a new Edge clear body for the Tekno EB410. The Edge body was designed to lower the center of gravity on your EB410, along with giving it an “edgy” new look. * Lightweight, low-profile design * 8mm lower than stock body * Room for motor fan under body * Allows the use of shorty or full sized steering [...]


Exotek TLR 22-4 Center Spool

Exotek Center Spool For The TLR 22-4

New for the TLR 22-4 is a Center Spool Kit from Exotek. The lightweight slipper lock out conversion reduces rotating mass for increased acceleration, while helping to reduce motor temps. The Exotek crew used titanium for the main shaft, which is strong and lightweight, but went with polished aluminum for the locking plates. Pricing for the spool kit is $34, it [...]


Exotek Traction Plate F6

Exotek Upgrades For The Associated F6

Coming soon for all you Associated F6 owners are a pair of upgrades from Exotek Racing. Exotek has announced a Rear Traction Plate Set along with an Adjustable Front Camber Arm Set. The rear traction plate is made from carbon fiber and helps to give the rear of your car more grip. Up front, the CNC machined camber arm set allows [...]


Exotek Losi Baja Rey Aluminum Front Gearbox Case

Exotek Aluminum Front Gearbox Case For The Baja Rey

For all you Losi Baja Rey owners, Exotek has announced a new Aluminum Front Gearbox Case. The gearbox case should be stronger than the stock plastic parts, plus it just looks awesome. * CNC machined * Heavy duty design * Improves internal gear mesh * Comes with larger 11mm bearing to handle more power Street pricing for the aluminum gearbox cover is $45, it has [...]


Exotek HDX Chassis Conversion Yeti

Exotek HDX Chassis Conversion For The Yeti

New from Exotek is the HDX Chassis Conversion for the 1/10 Yeti. The chassis is made from billet 7075 aluminum and has been designed to help lower the center of gravity for increased performance. * 12mm more narrow than the stock chassis * Smooth inner chassis with open rear * Carbon fiber upper plates * 7075 aluminum nose plate * Heavy duty alloy servo mounts * [...]


Exotek RX2

Exotek RX2 LCG Touring Car Body

New from Exotek Racing is the RX2 Touring Car Body. The RX2 is fully approved for ROAR competition and was built in collaboration with the people at Golem SuperBody. A thin roof area is used to give the body a low center of gravity and it was designed to give your car aggressive handling. Pricing for the RX2 is [...]


Exotek B6 Motor Plate Spur Cover

Exotek Associated B6 Motor Plate With Spur Cover

Coming soon from Exotek Racing is a Motor Plate With Spur Cover for the Associated B6 buggy. The motor plate is machined from 7075 aluminum and is a vented design to help keep your motor cooler. The spur gear cover is made from Delrin and has a removable design. Made to fit the 3 gear laydown transmission, the motor plate [...]


Exotek RS4 SPORT 3 Heavy Duty Turnbuckle Set

Exotek Heavy Duty Turnbuckle Set For The RS4 Sport 3

The folks over at Exotek have announced a Heavy Duty Turnbuckle Set for the HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3. The version 2 turnbuckles are machined from steel which allows them to be strong, while giving them the ability to be bent back without snapping unlike some of the other materials on the market. Exotek then applies a special gun metal [...]