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Tamiya 12037 Lotus Type 78

Teaser – Tamiya 1/12 Lotus Type 78 Kit

Now being teased over at Tamiya is the return of their 1/12th scaled Lotus Type 78 Kit. This classic Formula 1 race car was first released back in 1978, then was re-released with updates in 2008, and now will make a reappearance for 2022. The latest version features a photo-etched part set and is incredibly scale detailed. The re-release of the [...]


Lewis Hamilton

Video – Lewis Hamilton and RC Cars

Over at Sky Sports F1 they’ve posted a video on Lewis Hamilton and RC Cars. It seems Lewis raced RC cars as a kid before becoming a big F1 series driver. Watch the video below to learn more. You can click this link to learn more about Lewis Hamilton, or you can click this link to learn more about Sky Sports [...]


Exotek Racing RC Red-Soft F1 Tires

Exotek Racing Announces Red-Soft F1 Tires

Hot off the press from Exotek Racing are Red-Soft F1 Tires. The new F1 tires from Exotek have a scale realistic look and are molded from a soft rubber compound to give your F1 car serious level of grip while racing. Here are more highlights- * Available for front and rear * Sold in pairs * Includes foam inserts * Suited for carpet or [...]


WRC Racing RC F22.1 F1 Car Kit

WRC Racing Announces 1/10 F22.1 F1 Car Kit

Over at WRC they have announced a new 1/10 F22.1 F1 Car Kit. With massive on-track performance, and a highly scale realistic body, the F22.1 is ready to put you on the top step of the podium. Here are the highlights- * New driver’s Halo is included * Titanium rear axle * New aerodynamic wheel covers * 2 different bodies to choose from * New [...]


Exotek RC F1 Formula 1 Tires Wheels

Exotek Announces F1 Wheels and Tires

Just announced by Exotek Racing are front and rear F1 Tires and Wheels. The Exotek F1 wheels and tires were designed for extreme performance while on-track, to go along with their scale realistic look. Check out these highlights- * Molded from premium touring car rubber compounds from Japan * Premium nylon wheels * Larger diameter inner wheel sizing * Based on current F1 wheel/tire [...]


Xray RC X1 2023 F1 Kit

2023 XRay X1 Formula 1 Kit

Over at XRay they have announced the 2023 X1 Formula 1 Kit. XRay has long been known as one of the highest-end car builders in our industry and their new X1 comes with all their latest F1 speed secrets. Here are the highlights- * New front suspension design w/ CFF upper arms * New chassis w/ redesigned battery backstop & revised wheelbase [...]


Exotek Complete F1Ultra Kit Carpet Works Conversion

Exotek Complete F1Ultra Kit With Carpet Works Conversion

New from Exotek is their F1Ultra Kit With Carpet Works Conversion. This top-of-the-line F1 car kit is filled with innovation. Here are the highlights- * Designed for maximum performance on carpet tracks * Weight forward design enhances corners speed * Modular chassis design * Thick 2.5mm 1 piece carbon fiber chassis * Patented floating rear pod suspension system * 72mm extra narrow chassis * Ultra-smooth micro shocks * [...]


Exotek Lightweight F1 Racing Spool

Exotek Lightweight F1 Racing Spool

Recently announced by Exotek is a Lightweight F1 Racing Spool. This high-end spool is extra lightweight, yet more than strong enough for the rigors of racing. Here are the highlights- * Made from extra lightweight carbon fiber and 7075 aluminum * 1/4″ rear axle fits F1ULTRA, X1 and Roche F1 cars * Locked spool can give more speed on high traction tracks * Much [...]


Tamiya RC Tamiya Tyrrell P34 Video

Video – Tamiya Tyrrell P34

Uploaded recently by Tamiya is a promotional video for their classic Tyrrell P34 F1 kit. The Tyrrell P34 was one of the most famous F1 cars ever built. The Tamiya version is easy to build, easy to drive, and has the real look of the iconic P34. Watch below to see the Tyrrell P34 in action around a real rc [...]


TeamSaxo RC 10th Scale 6 Wheel F1-Future 2WD Pan Car Kit

6-Wheel TeamSaxo 1/10 F1-Future 2WD Pan Car Kit

For all you 6-wheel F1 fanatics out there, TeamSaxo has just dropped the 1/10 F1-Future 2WD Pan Car Kit. The F1-Future makes it easy for you to build a Tyrrell P34 replica, or you can use it for a crazy custom build. With a carbon fiber chassis and four front wheels for loads of steering, the F1-Future will certainly make [...]


Roche Rapide 10th Scale F1 EVO3 Kit

Roche Rapide 1/10 F1 EVO3 Kit

New from Roche Products is the 1/10th scaled Rapide F1 EVO3 Kit. With the F1 class becoming more and more popular, the EVO3 brings performance and high-end materials to the starting line. Check out these highlights- * Graphite or aluminum chassis will be available * Graphite chassis, rear pod plate, front lower arm * Graphite caster adjust plate, top deck, chassis brace * 7075 [...]


Schumacher RC 10th Scale Icon 2 Formula 1 Car Kit

Schumacher RC 1/10 Icon 2 Competition Formula 1 Car Kit

Over at Schumacher, Robin and his crew have just announced the 1/10th scaled Icon 2 Competition Formula 1 Car Kit. The Icon 2 has been massively revised to improve durability and to increase speed. Check out these highlights- * New gear differential * New one piece left hand rear wheel clamp design * All new rear wing mounting assembly * New V2 damper rods [...]


Exotek Plastic Wings RC F1 Racing

Exotek Plastic Wings for F1 Racing

Over at Exotek they have just dropped a pair of new Plastic Wings for F1 racing. These lightweight units were designed to help increase durability, while also improving your car’s performance. Here are the highlights- * Weight – Rear wing 21 grams, front wing 18 grams * High downforce design * Lighter weight to improve handling * Molded in white for high visibility * Made [...]


3Racing FGX 2022 F1 Car

3Racing Teases Scale Realistic FGX 2022 F1 Car

Over at 3Racing they are really turning some heads with their upcoming FGX 2022 F1 Car. What makes the FGX 22′ so special? That is because 3Racing went all out on a scale realistic look. The FGX 22′ uses scale features like inboard suspension and a mid-motor layout. The FGX is also slated to come with a very scale realistic [...]


Tamiya Tyrrell P34 Six-Wheeler 1977 Argentine GP Limited-Edition

Tamiya Tyrrell P34 Six-Wheeler 1977 Argentine GP Limited-Edi…

Over at Tamiya they have announced a Tyrrell P34 Six-Wheeler 1977 Argentine GP Limited-Edition. The Tyrrell P34 has long been a big hit for Tamiya and now it is back for all you old school F1 fans. The latest Limited Edition model comes with a number of changes that includes livery tweaks, as well as updated side mirror color instructions. This [...]