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Exotek Hyper Soft Rear 22X F1 Rubber Tires

Exotek 1/10 F1 Rubber Tires – Hyper Soft Rear 22X

New from Exotek are 1/10 Hyper Soft Rear 22X F1 Rubber Tires. Sized to fit F1 cars, the new rear tires from Exotek are hyper soft to give you more traction on the race track. If you are ready for all new levels of speed, these hyper soft rear tires can certainly help keep you glued to the track. Here [...]


Exotek RC F1ULTRA R5 Pro Race Kit

Exotek 1/10 F1ULTRA R5 Formula 1 Pro Race Kit

After some teasing, Exotek RC has released full details on their high-zoot 1/10 F1ULTRA R5 Pro Race Kit. This high-end F1 racer is loaded with the latest in go-fast tech to help put you on the top step of the podium. Here are the highlights- * Lighter, leaner and meaner * Cutting edge high-performance F1 racing kit * Extra narrow 72mm chassis for [...]


Exotek RC F1Ultra R5 Kit

Teaser – Exotek 1/10 F1Ultra R5 Kit

Over at Exotek Racing they are now teasing the 1/10 F1Ultra R5 Kit. Exotek has long been known for their high-end product releases and their upcoming F1Ultra R5 kit has a bunch of new parts to seriously improve performance. Check out these highlights- * Expected to start shipping tomorrow * New heavy duty 1 piece extra long side links to reduce rear [...]


Office Laps with the Team Associated F28 RTR Video

Video – Office Laps with the Team Associated F28 RTR

The crew at Team Associated announced the F28 RTR a couple of weeks ago and now they’ve posted a promotional video for it. Watch below to see the Office Laps with the F28 RTR video that shows off just how much fun you can have in a small space. The video is of the F28 being run on a micro [...]


Exotek Titanium Rear Axle F1Ultra

Exotek Titanium Rear Axle for the F1Ultra

New from Exotek is a Titanium Rear Axle for their F1Ultra formula one kit. This high-end titanium axle is great for reducing weight, while also maintaining strength. Here are the highlights- * Easy to install direct replacement part * 10 grams lighter than the stock part * Stronger than comparable carbon fiber or aluminum options * Allows for increased RPM and reduced pod movement The [...]


Schumacher Icon 2 Worlds F1 Kit

Schumacher 1/10 Icon 2 Worlds F1 Kit

New from Schumacher is the 1/10 Icon 2 Worlds F1 Kit. The Icon 2 Worlds Kit is a high-end F1 race machine loaded with carbon fiber parts. Check out these highlights- * Horizontal alloy wing mount for increased durability * Vertical carbon fiber wing mount * LCG CNC alloy rear transmission housing * Lowered bearing housings allows use of small diameter tires * Rear springs [...]


Exotek F1 Tire Sidewall Stickers

Exotek F1 Tire Sidewall Stickers

New over at Exotek are F1 Tire Sidewall Stickers. The sidewall stickers are an easy way for your F1 car to look just like the 1:1 cars and the stickers are available in either red or yellow. * Replacement vinyl side wall stickers for F1 tires * Includes 4 stickers made of heavy duty vinyl * Vibrant colors that are easy to see [...]


Team Saxo MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit

Team Saxo 1/10 MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit

Recently announced by Team Saxo is the 1/10th scaled MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit. The new MF-1-200 comes with “mini” style proportions and has a wheelbase set at 210mm. Based on their F1-180 chassis, this M-chassis sized F1 car is designed for both speed and fun. The Team Saxo 1/10 MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit is street priced at $229 and [...]


XRay 2024 X1 Formula 1 Kit

XRay 2024 1/10 X1 Formula 1 Kit

Here come the 2024 models! Just announced by XRay is the 2024 edition of their X1 Formula 1 Car Kit. This high-end race machine has been updated to increase corner speed and for improved durability. Check out these highlights- * Revised chassis layout with new side braces * Forward servo mounting position improves weight balance * New front bulkhead raises the graphite arm [...]


Fenix Racing F1 Club Racer Kit

Fenix Racing 1/10 F1 Club Racer Kit

New from Fenix Racing is the 1/10th scaled F1 Club Racer Kit. This affordable F1 kit is perfect for new drivers, or those racing on a budget. Here are the highlights- * Developed with the help of the F1 Italian series * Adjustable springs, camber, and t-bar hardness * Chassis made from 2.5mm thick carbon fiber * 7075 aluminum motor plate * Titanium axle The Fenix [...]


Team Saxo F1-180 V4

Team Saxo 1/10 F1-180 V4 Formula 1 Kit

New from Team Saxo is the 1/10 F1-180 V4 Formula 1 Kit. Featuring a narrower chassis and new battery securing system, the F1-180 Version 4 is tuned for serious carpet racing. Here are the highlights- * O-ring battery securing system * New more narrow chassis * Shorter axle distance * Twin rear turnbuckles for rear pod adjustment The Team Saxo 1/10 F1-180 V4 Formula 1 [...]


TeamSaxo RC F1 180 V3 Kit

TeamSaxo 1/10 F1 180 V3 Kit

Recently announced by TeamSaxo is the 1/10 F1 180 V3 Kit. Designed for Formula 1 racing, the 180 V3 comes loaded with carbon fiber, at an affordable price point. With molded wings and a low center of gravity design, the 180 V3 is ready to race, or to be used for a custom on-road build. The TeamSaxo 1/10 F1 180 V3 [...]


Exotek F1ULTRA 2023 Lightweight F1 Clear Body

Exotek F1ULTRA ’23 Lightweight F1 Clear Body

New from Exotek is the F1ULTRA ’23 Lightweight F1 Clear Body. The 2023 F1Ultra body comes with 2 different scale options for side intakes and is sized to fit 1/10th F1 cars. Here are more highlights- * Super F1 2023 style race body * 2 scale option side intake styles included * Modern design with slim style side pods * High downforce aero details [...]


Exotek RC 10th F1 Rear Tires 28X Double Red-Super Soft Compound

Exotek 1/10 F1 Rear Tires in 28X Double Red-Super Soft Compo…

The crew at Exotek Racing have just dropped their Rear F1 Tires in 28X Double Red-Super Soft Compound. Exotek’s incredibly soft 28X rubber compound works best in cooler conditions, and of course the tires have a great scale look. Here are more highlights- * Sold in pairs with foam inserts * Best suited for racing on cooler carpet and asphalt tracks * Designed [...]


Fenix Racing RC Classic Team Lotus 97 F1 Body

Fenix Racing 1/10 Classic Team Lotus 97 F1 Body

Now shipping from Fenix Racing is a 1/10 Classic Team Lotus 97 F1 Body. The new Lotus has classic Formula 1 vibes and is molded from clear polycarbonate. Sized to fit most modern 1/10 F1 cars, the 1997 Lotus is sure to turn heads down at your local track. The Fenix Racing Classic Team Lotus 97 F1 Body is street priced [...]