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Xtreme Racing Carbon Fiber Chassis Kit Kyosho Fantom EXT CRC-II

Xtreme Racing Chassis Kit for the Kyosho Fantom EXT CRC-II

New over at Xtreme Racing is a very trick Carbon Fiber Chassis Kit for Kyosho’s Fantom EXT CRC-II. Designed for all out performance, the Xtreme chassis kit is the ultimate upgrade for your Fantom. Here are more highlights- * 6 piece kit * Replaces stock fiberglass chassis * 1.6mm carbon fiber main chassis * 2.0mm carbon fiber top plate * Also includes servo & front [...]


Kyosho RC 12th Fantom 4WD Ext CRC-II Kit

Kyosho 1/12 Fantom 4WD Ext CRC-II Kit

Now shipping from Kyosho is the 1/12 Fantom 4WD Ext CRC-II Kit. This vintage re-release comes with a full time chain driven 4wd system and is a true blast from the past. Here are some highlights- * Width – 172mm * Wheelbase – 199-200mm * Gear Ratio – 3.38:1 * Weight – 890 grams The Kyosho 1:12 Fantom 4WD Ext CRC-II Kit is street priced [...]


Kyosho 12th Scale Fantom On-Road Kit

Kyosho 1/12 Fantom On-Road Kit

New from Kyosho is the 1/12th scaled Fantom pan car kit. This vintage re-release is a big one for Kyosho as the Fantom (#30635B) is a true classic from the early days of rc. And while we are still in the teasing stages for the Fantom, we do know that it comes in kit form and features old school chain [...]