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Graupner PRO Firmware Upgrade

Graupner MZ-18 & MZ-24 Pro Firmware Upgrade

Recently announced by Graupner USA is a program for you to upgrade your MZ-12 or MZ-18 transmitter to a Pro model via a firmware update. The firmware update gives your Graupner transmitter a slew of cool new upgrades to help make your flying better than ever. The firmware update is priced at $49 and you can get full details by using [...]


DJI PRO app and IOS 9 – Gimbal / Camera Issue

If you have upgraded your IOS device and are having trouble with no gimbal control or no image. DJI support has just confirmed that the latest version of the PRO app is not compatible with the latest version release of IOS 9.0.2. They are working on a new release but there is not date on when. So if you have not updated you [...]