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JConcepts The Hold Fling King 24th Pre-Mounted Tires

JConcepts 1/24 The Hold And Fling Kings Pre-Mounts

Recently announced by JConcepts are 1/24 The Hold And Fling Kings Pre-Mounts. Designed to fit 24th scaled crawlers, The Hold and Fling Kings are the perfect way to upgrade your micro rig. Check out these highlights- The Hold 1/24th Pre-Mounts * Fully pre-mounted for your convenience * Robust carcass, horizonal bar based, 1:1 inspired * 63mm overall size without inserts * Cut and sliced lugs, [...]


JConcepts 24th The Hold Fling Kings 1.0 wheels

JConcepts 1/24 The Hold & Fling Kings for 1.0″ Wheels

Just announced by Jason and his crew at JConcepts are 1/24 The Hold & Fling Kings for 1.0″ Wheels. As 1/24th scale rock crawlers continue to gain in popularity, JConcepts is right there to hook you up with high performance tires. Soon you will be able to pick up The Hold or Fling Kings for your 24th scaler. Here are [...]


JConcepts RC Fling King 1.9 Tires

JConcepts Fling King 1.9″ Tires

Just announced by JConcepts are Fling King 1.9″ Tires. JConcepts designed the Fling Kings as real mega style tires ready to give you massive traction in soft conditions. Here are the highlights- * Specifically designed for mud, dirt, gravel, and grass * V-type tread with replicated “hand-cutting” * Retro style JConcepts lettering on sidewall * Firm, open cell inserts * Industry standard 1.9” bead mounting [...]


JConcepts 8th MT Fling Kings Renegades E-Revo Kraton

JConcepts Announces Fling Kings & Renegades for E-Revo & Kra…

New from JConcepts are Pre-Mounted Fling King and Renegades 1/8 monster truck tires. The Renegades feature a scale realistic monster truck tire look, while the Fling Kings are styled for mega truck performance. Both are a great choice for your 1/8th Traxxas E-Revo or ARRMA Kraton monster truck. Check out these highlights- Fling Kings – Yellow Compound, Pre-mounted on Silver Wheels * [...]


JConcepts Fling Kings Monster Truck Tires

JConcepts Announces Aggressor Wheels Along With New Fling Ki…

Over at JConcepts Jason and his crew have been busy for 2022. Just announced for all you monster truck fanatics out there are Aggressor Wheels, Fling King Tires, and Renegade Tires. All three were designed to give your truck not only improved performance, but also great styling. Aggressor 2.6 x 3.8″ 17mm Hex Monster Truck Wheels * One-piece design * Scale size and [...]


JConcepts Fling King JR 2.2 Tires

New 2.2″ Monster Truck Tires From JConcepts

New over at JConcepts are Fling Kings Jr 2.2″ as well as Renegades Jr 2.2″ monster truck tires. Both sets of tires pack serious attitude and were designed to give your rig the grip you need when racing, or when sending it in your backyard. Fling Kings Jr 2.2″ Monster Truck Tires * Mega Truck tire, specifically designed for mud, dirt, gravel, [...]


JConcepts RC Fling King SCT Tires

JConcepts Fling King Tires For Short Course Trucks

Have you been looking for some serious mud tires for your short course truck? If so, have a look at the new Fling King SCT Tires from JConcepts. The Fling King mud tires look perfect along with the JConcepts Truth 2 UTV body, but also fit on normal short course vehicles. Here are the highlights- * SCT sizing and design inspiration * [...]


Monster Truck Madness 24 – Kings of Fling

Monster Truck Madness is back, oh yes! With JConcepts releasing the Fling King and Dragon Mega Truck tires/wheels, my club, Trigger King, is going to be racing a mega class for the summer of 2018. In preparation for this, I have just converted my Rotten Apple SMT10 to mega mode. While I changed a few things around with the electronics to both [...]


JConcepts Fling King Dragon Wheels Tires

JConcepts Fling King Tires & Dragon Wheels

Teased in a video from a few weeks ago, JConcepts has now formally announced their Fling King tires and Dragon wheels. Both are sized at 2.6″ and were designed to fit on mega trucks. The Fling King tires have an extra deep tread pattern to help your truck get through the worst of mud holes. The Dragon wheels were designed [...]