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Pro-Line Flo-Tek Fusion SC Body

Action Video – Pro-Line Flo-Tek Fusion SC Body

Get your weekend kicked off right by watching a nice action video of the Flo-Tek Fusion SC by Pro-Line. The Fusion was designed for optimal handling and parachute resistance, the video above shows exactly what it can do on the track and over jumps. The Pre-cut Flo-Tek Fusion is priced at $48 and you can find more details about it [...]


Pro-Line Body Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes – Win A Pro-Line Pre-Cut Short Course Body

Everybody loves free stuff, so Hit This Link to enter the latest sweepstakes from Pro-Line. The link takes you over to P-L’s Facebook page where it is fast and easy to get entered for your chance to win. The body they are giving away is one of their just announced Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion short course units, which not only looks [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion Clear Body

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Flo-Tek Fusion Clear Body

Save time with the new Pre-cut Flo-Tek Fusion from Pro-Line. The pre-cut body will save you time before hitting the track, while its highly aerodynamic body will shave time off your laps while racing. The Flo-Tek Fusion has large vent holes all over the body to give you maximum parachute effect resistance and it fits a wide variety of trucks [...]


pro-line pre-cut body

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Bodies and Wings

On Wednesday we posted a teaser about the new pre-cut bodies and wings from Pro-Line, now we have more pictures and full pricing information. The pre-cut idea is a good one, it will save time and ensure a perfectly trimmed body. Pro-Line has two different SCT bodies that will come pre-cut, the #3355-17 Flo-Tek SCT and the #3413-17 EVO SC. Both [...]


Pro-Line Pro-2 Short Course Truck Kit

Unboxing – Pro-Line Pro-2 Short Course Truck Kit #4001-00

For years rc’ers have had dreams about a day when Pro-Line might put a full blown kit on the market. Well that day is finally here! The first vehicle to come out of the Pro-Line compound is called the Pro-2 1:10th 2wd Short Course Truck Kit. Below you will find detailed unboxing pictures. The Pro-2 actually comes partially assembled, making it [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Painted Flo-Tek Bodies Now in New Colors

When the Pro-Line Flo-Tek Pre-Painted body was announced last month it was only available one way- the Motox scheme in green. Now Pro-Line has expanded the color choices to red, blue, and yellow. Pricing for the new colors remains the same, $85, and the new part numbers are #3355-14 for blue, #3355-16 for yellow, and #3355-15 for red. The expected release [...]


Pro-Line Pre-painted Bodies for Short Course Trucks

Hot – Pro-Line Pre-Painted Bodies for Short Course Trucks

Pro-Line Racing has officially jumped into the pre-painted body business. Now you can walk right into a hobby shop and walk out with not only a trick Pro-Line short course truck body, but one that has been professionally painted, partially trimmed, and one that is nearly ready to mount up to your machine. No more buying rattle cans, nor more [...]


raptor flo-tek

Pro-Line Ford F-150 Raptor Flo-Tek Body

Are you a big fan of the Pro-Line Ford F-150 Raptor? How about the Pro-Line Flo-Tek body? Well, you may want to sit down because Pro-Line has combined both to offer the Ford Raptor Flo-Tek body! Stop that short course parachute effect and look good while doing it! #gallery-19 { margin: auto; } #gallery-19 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-19 img { border: 2px [...]