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Video FMS FCX24 Power Wagon in Action

Did you see the unboxing of the 1/24th scale FMS FCX24 Power Wagon? Well check it out in Action! This thing is a real beast! Seriously this truck moves! Don’t forget to bash that subscribe button and ring the notification bell! Thank you for the support! Check out the unboxing video here:You can use this link to visit the [...]


FMS 1/24 FCX24 Power Wagon

Teaser – FMS 1/24 FCX24 Power Wagon

Now being teased by FMS Model is the 1/24th scaled FCX24 Power Wagon RTR. FMS has made big waves the last few years in the scale rc world and their upcoming 24th scaler is sure to turn heads. Featuring portal style axles and a highly scale realistic body, the FCX24 has a great retro look to go along with its [...]


FMS Model RC 18th Ford Bronco

Fair RC Teases New 1/18 Ford Bronco RTR

Over at Fair RC they are now teasing a new 1/18th scaled Ford Bronco RTR. FMS has been setting the scale world on fire with their cutting edge designs and meticulous scale detailing. With an insanely detailed body, a full interior, and true ladder style frame, the upcoming FMS Ford Bronco looks like straight fire. We will post more details as [...]


FMS Model Suzuki Jimny Leaf Spring Mod and Hitec Servo Swap …

Jeremy was looking to lift up the 1/6th FMS Model Suzuki Jimny with this great FREE mod! While we had it on the bench, we thought we’d swap out the stock servo for a new Brushless Hitec with Titanium Gears so we will never worry about not having enough power. Check out the video below.Use this link to check [...]


RocHobby RC 18th Cheyenne 6×6 RTR

RocHobby 1/18 Cheyenne 6×6 RTR

Shipping right now from RocHobby is the 1/18th scaled Cheyenne 6×6 RTR. The mighty six wheel drive Cheyenne has the off-road capabilities that you need, along with serious amounts of scale realism. Check out these highlights- * Fully pre-assembled and painted * Includes 2S LiPo battery & charger * Hood opens and closes * Tailgate opens and closes * 2.4GHz radio * Runtime – Up to [...]


RocHobby 12th Type82e Beetle Video

Video – Driving the RocHobby 1/12 Type82e

Recently uploaded by RocHobby is a promotional video for their 1/12 TYPE82E Kommandeurwagen Beetle. The RocHobby Beetle has some insane amounts of scale realism and comes completely pre-assembled and pre-painted for your bashing pleasure. Watch below to see the RocHobby Beetle venture over rough terrain with precision and grace, showing you just how scale realistic it can look while out [...]


ROCHobby 18th Mogrich 4WD RTR

ROCHobby 1/18 Mogrich 4WD RTR

Shipping now from ROCHobby is the 1/18th scaled Mogrich 4WD RTR. The mighty Mogrich is big on scale detail, while also being highly capable when the going gets rough! Check out these highlights- * Injection molded hard body * Functional hood * High traction M/T tire with 1.0″ bead-lock wheels * Tuned coil shocks * Highly detailed interior * Multifunctional light control system * Realistic pinion & [...]



The ROCHobby TYPE82E RTR 1/12 Beetle is one of FMS’s top scale rigs. Opening doors, hood, trunk, working fan belt, detailed interior, and the ability to switch from 2wd to 4wd along with a high and low gear adds up to a wicked scale rig. When our running video came out, I felt like the film could have been better. [...]


Sad Video: Saying Goodbye to Juice Box Park

You might want to grab the kleenex now because this is going to hurt. If you have ever been to Juice Box Park, you will know it was one of the greatest backyard off-road parks ever created. It hosted some incredible events, saw the most awesome rigs, and created some everlasting friendships of amazing people. We must remember, when one [...]


FMS 18th Atlas 6X6 Scale Rock Crawler RTR Video

Video – FMS 1/18 Atlas 6X6 Scale Rock Crawler RTR

New from our friends at FMS is a promotional video for their tiny but mighty 1/18 Atlas 6X6 Scale Rock Crawler RTR. The Atlas features some pretty cool scale styling, and thanks to its full time 6 wheel drive, can climb rocks like a mountain goat. The Atlas also features a true ladder style frame and waterproof electronics for when [...]


FMS Model RC Toyota 18th Scale Hilux Video

Video – FMS Toyota 1/18 Hilux

New over at FMS is a video for their 1/18th scaled Toyota Hilux Pick-Up Truck. While small in stature, the FMS Hilux is huge on scale realism featuring some of the hottest scale detailing on the market. Watch the video below to see how insanely scale realistic the FMS Hilux looks while cruising the beach and driving trails in the [...]



Frixion RC has popped up out of thin air it seems, carrying an impressive catalog of scale and performance hop ups. We got our hands on a set of 1” Braven Ironside Scale tires with the Alien Kompound from Frixion RC. The tires look great, so we pulled in our FMS Model Toyota Land Cruiser into the scale shop and [...]


FMS 18th Scale Chevrolet K10 Driving In the Forest Video

Video – FMS 1/18 Chevrolet K10 – Driving In the Forest

Over at FMS Model they have released a new promotional video for their 1/18 Chevrolet K10 RTR. The FMS K10 has some pretty incredible scale detailing, watch the video below to see just how realistic it looks while driving. The video also features some iconic Bobby Seger music, the same music used during the early 1990s for the actual Chevy [...]


FMS Model 18th Toyota FJ CruiserR Driving Adventure Video

Video – FMS 1/18 Toyota FJ Cruiser Driving Adventure

New from FMS Model is a Promotional Video for their mighty 1/18 Toyota FJ Cruiser. The video does a great job of showing off just how capable the 1/18th Toyota FJ Cruiser can be. From deep mud, to steep hills, the FMS FJ is more than ready for hardcore off-road adventure! After the video, you can use this link to get [...]


FMS Wants to Hear From You – RC Car Survey

We all know FMS has been doing some amazing things in the scale market lately, and now they would like to hear from you! They have created a new survey to hear from the rc market and their fans about their interests, and where FMS should be focusing their resources. There are some really good questions in the survey. This [...]