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JConcepts Scalloped 2.2 Carpet Turf Foam Tire Inserts

JConcepts Scalloped 2.2″ Carpet/Turf Tire Inserts

Over at JConcepts they have announced Scalloped 2.2″ Carpet/Turf Tire Inserts. The scalloped inserts help to increase rolling speed, while adding support to the center section of the tire. Here are the highlights- * Soft and pliable open cell material * Increased sidewall support * Open cell material, scalloped inner cuts * Bright white material for easy identification * 2 pieces included per package The JConcepts [...]


Pro-Line RC 24th Scale Dual Stage 1.0 Rock Crawling Foam Tire Inserts

Pro-Line 1/24 Dual Stage 1.0" Rock Crawling Foam Tire Insert…

New from Pro-Line are 1/24 Dual Stage 1.0″ Rock Crawling Foam Tire Inserts. The new foams were designed to enhance performance out on the trail, while perfectly fitting inside your favorite Pro-Line 1.0″ crawling tires. Here are the highlights- * Dual Stage for incredible grip and sidewall support * Inner made from lightweight blue closed cell foam * Outer made from soft open [...]


JConcepts Dirt-Tech LP 2.2 Stadium Truck Foam Inserts

JConcepts Dirt-Tech LP 2.2″ Stadium Truck Foam Inserts

Now shipping from JConcepts are Dirt-Tech LP 2.2″ Stadium Truck Foam Inserts. The new stadium truck tire inserts are a hard density closed cell foam to maximize performance on high bite surfaces. Check out these highlights- * Firm feel * Increased durability, reusable * Low profile sizing * Made to fit JC’s #4049 Smoothie 2 tires * Precisely contoured * Black in color for easy identification The [...]


Traxxas Reduced Toe Suspension Arms Drag Racing

Traxxas Drag Race Firm Foam Inserts & Reduced-Toe Suspension…

New from Traxxas are a line-up of new Firm Foam Tire Inserts as well as Reduced-Toe Suspension Arms for the mighty Drag Slash. Traxxas Firm Foam Inserts The new firm molded foam inserts are available in two different hardness ratings and can reduce tire compression under hard acceleration. This makes for quicker launches and more stability during your run. #9469R – Molded [...]


Crazy Crawler Foams Video

So we got our hands on some new Crazy Crawler foams, so it was time to swap out the stock Axial Capra foams and put these to the test at the Crawler Canyon! If you enjoyed the video, make sure to hit that thumbs up button, and don’t forget to subscribe to the new channel while you are there.Get more [...]


Pro-Line 6th Scale Dual Stage 2.9 Crawling Foam

Pro-Line 1/6 Dual Stage 2.9″ Crawling Foam

For all you Axial Racing SCX6 owners out there, Pro-Line has just dropped 1/6 Dual Stage 2.9″ Crawling Foam. Sized to fit trucks like the Axial SCX6, the dual stage foams can give your truck an immediate increase in performance. Check out these highlights- * Inner made from lightweight and waterproof blue closed cell foam * Outer is made from soft open [...]


Ultimate Racing RC Modelix Rubber Band Inserts 8th Buggy Tires

Ultimate Racing Rubber Band Inserts for 1/8 Buggy Tires

Have the tires on your 1/8th buggy been ballooning too much? If so, have a look at these Rubber Band Tire Inserts from Ultimate Racing. These rubber bands go into the tire and fit into the grooves of your foam tire inserts. The bands help keep your tires from expanding when pinning it WFO and are easy to install. Here [...]


JConcepts RM2 Hard 2.2″ Foam Tire Inserts

JConcepts RM2 Hard 2.2″ Foam Tire Inserts

New from JConcepts are RM2 Hard 2.2″ Foam Tire Inserts. The hard inserts were designed for 1/10th scaled 2wd and 4wd buggies to help you get a firmer feel while out on the track, and are also highly durable. Check out these highlights- * Two different models to fit 2wd & 4wd buggy, front & rear * Versatile size, shape, and profile * [...]


Club 5 Racing Dual Stage Revolver Tire Foams

Club 5 Racing Dual Stage 1.9” Revolver Foam Inserts

Club 5 Racing has introduced a unique spin on R/C crawler tire foams with its 1.9” Dual Stage “Revolver” Foam Inserts. Designed to allow for low-positioned rolling weight to each of your rig’s four wheels, these tire foams feature holes to insert one of 12 8.80g brass slugs. You can choose how much weight to apply, fine-tuning your radio-controlled crawler’s weight [...]