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Horizon FPV Video

FPV Video – Circuit de Horizon Hobby

Recently uploaded by Horizon Hobby is a new FPV action video featuring legendary racer Juan Pablo Montoya and Losi’s Scott Cramer. The video shows off what it looks like to race an Associated RC10F6 using Spektrum FPV technology. Watch the video below to see Juan and Scott speed around Horizon Hobby on a custom built office track to determine the [...]


Bash Vehicle of the Year 2017 – #4

If you didn’t catch #5 yesterday, here is what’s going on. Each year we hand out our Bash Vehicle of the Year Award. There can only be one winner, and there is usually a list of the top 5 we had thought about winning. EVERY vehicle that makes this list, or that was considered a possible bash vehicle of [...]


Dromida FPV Monster Truck Video

Dromida Blacklight FPV Video

Have you seen our review for the Dromida FPV Monster Truck? Our review talks about just how awesome the monster truck is, and how its FPV system is the future of our hobby. To help show you how fun the Dromida can be, Hobbico posted a video of the monster truck driving around a crazy looking blacklight area. The video does [...]


Dromida FPV Monster Truck Review

Dromida Monster Truck With FPV Review

This just might be the most important review we’ve ever written. You see, FPV is the future, that is a fact. The thing is, 99% of hobbyists have never driven a car via FPV, therefore it is our job to try and relate how that works/feels to you. FPV, first person view, has absolutely blown up in the air community. However, [...]


Dromida FPV Vehicles Video

Video – Dromida FPV Vehicles

Some industry experts talk about how FPV is going to take over surface in the next 5 years. Well, we don’t know about that, but we do know that we love driving cars via FPV. Two of the very first FPV cars to hit the market come from Dromida. In the video below, the Dromida crew takes their FPV Monster [...]


Traxxas Transmitter Phone Mount

Traxxas Transmitter Phone Mount

Just announced by Traxxas is a Transmitter Phone Mount. The phone mount can be used with either the Traxxas TQi or Aton transmitters and provides a secure mounting base for your mobile device. Mounting a phone to your Traxxas transmitter makes it easy to monitor telemetry and to make setting adjustments. The spring loaded clamps on the mount make sure [...]


Graupner FPV Sale

FPV Gear Sale At Graupner USA

Listen up FPV fanatics, Graupner USA is now having a sale on a bunch of their FPV gear. From monitors, to gates, to various other FPV products, now is the time to save some cash. The FPV gear can be used in drones, airplanes, or even for surface vehicles. Would you like to know more? If so, just use This [...]


Kyosho 4D Ride On Experience

Video – Kyosho Ride-On 4D Experience

Now here is something that the entire BigSquidRC Bash Crew wants in our office! Kyosho has recently been showing off their new Ride-On 4D Experience. The 4D Ride-On Experience reads sensors mounted inside a car or drone, then moves in a corresponding way to truly immerse the user in a total FPV experience. Kyosho is also pushing FPV with their Radio [...]


Blade Inductrix FPV RTF BNF

Blade Inductrix FPV RTF & BNF

Recently announced by Blade are the Inductrix FPV RTR and BNF. The Inductrix FPV is a small drone that packs a whole lot of features. It can make a perfect FPV drone for the beginner, yet has enough power to satisfy accomplished pilots. If you are looking to get in on that tiny whoop craze, this is a good place [...]


Dromida KODO FPV With Goggles

Dromida KODO FPV RTF With Goggles

Coming later this month from Dromida is the KODO FPV Drone with Goggles. This was first teased a couple of months ago at the NRSHA show but is now getting close to hitting local hobby shops. This version of the KODO is really an exceptional value because it comes with the drone, plus it includes a set of FPV goggles [...]


Riot 250r Pro Review

Intro: Hold onto your britches, ladies and gentleman, while I rip through the sky in a blaze of RGB lighted awesomeness. If you haven’t heard of the Riot before, then prepare to be impressed. From: Thrust UAV Direct Link: Riot 250r Pro Review By: Andrew Schaefer Photos By: Andrew Schaefer, Marissa Schaefer Specs: RTF, BNF, ARF, or Kit: ARF Age: 14+ Receiver Compatibility: PPM, SBUS, or DSMX Camera or FPV: FPV Runcam swift [...]


Riot 250r Pro Video Teaser

The full review is coming VERY SOON on the Riot 250r Pro. To hold you over, we have a teaser video talking about some of the details and features of the Riot 250r Pro from Thrust UAV. There are some really cool features on this one that we haven’t seen anywhere else! If you are looking for that next FPV [...]


Drone Insight: Bring Your Drone With You!

On any given day, I have at least one drone with me. Most days, I have two. I have one for flying indoors and one for flying outdoors. I keep these quads in and on my trusty backpack. I have room on my backpack for my Blade Vortex 250 and my Traxxas Aton. Inside my backpack I keep batteries, props, [...]


Vusion House Racer Review

Looking to get into FPV for cheap? Boy, have I got the quad for you! I’m talking a full ready-to-fly package, with goggles and all. This isn’t one of those deals where you’ll have to wait a month to get parts either. This quad is supported by your local hobby shops. Join me while I take a ride in the [...]


Dromida FPV Packs

Full Details – Dromida Rally & Monster Truck FPV Packs

After a Sneak Peak at the NRHSA Show, Dromida has now released full details on their upcoming FPV Packs. Both vehicles are BIG news as they will become the first ready to run first person view vehicles to be released from a mainstream hobby grade company. The Dromida FPV packs come in two forms, a Monster Truck (#DIDC0080) and a Rally [...]