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Primal RC 5th Scale Dodge Challenger RTR

Pre-Order Now Open – Primal RC 1/5 Dodge Challenger 2WD RTR

Just announced for pre-order over at Primal RC is the giant 1/5th scaled Dodge Challenger 2WD RTR. This gasoline powered monster has been nicely scaled from the full sized original and comes with a massive gasoline engine under the hood. Here are the highlights- * Choose from 5 colors, 4 hood styles, and 2 sets of decals * Choose between gas engine, [...]


Kraken RC 5th VESLA.5 Brushless Gasoline Kit

Kraken RC 1/5 VESLA.5 RTR in Brushless or Gasoline Versions

New over at Kraken RC is the 1/5 VESLA.5 in Brushless or Gasoline Versions. This very trick Class 1 looking rig comes with high performance suspension and was designed for serious durability. Check out these highlights- * Fully interchangeable from Gas to Electric * Electric comes with 200A ESC & 780kV brushless motor * Gasoline comes with new 32cc 2 stroke engine * New [...]


Kraken RC VESLA.5 RWD Class 1 True Scale RTR

Kraken RC 1/5 VESLA.5 RWD Class 1 True Scale RTRs

After a good bit of teasing, Kraken RC has announced the 1/5th scaled VESLA.5 RWD Class 1 True Scale RTR. The VESLA.5 is all new from Kraken and was modeled after the legendary HPI Baja 5B. The VESLA.5 will be available in two different forms- with a full gasoline engine, or brushless powered. Here are the highlights- * Robust modern layout * [...]


Losi 5th Scale DBXL 2.0 4WD Gas Buggy RTR

Losi 1/5 DBXL 2.0 4WD Gas Buggy RTR

Coming soon from Losi is the 1/5 DBXL 2.0 4WD Gas Buggy RTR. The 2.0 version of the DBXL comes with a number of updates to improve durability, as well as performance. Check out these highlights- * New Zenoah 32cc gasoline engine * New high-flow air filter * New steering rack and servo saver assembly * New radio tray, receiver box, and HV-rated servos * [...]


MCD Racing RC 5th Scale DUOX

Teaser – MCD Racing 1/5 DUOX

Being teased by MCD Racing is the mighty DUOX 1/5th scaled on-road car. The DUOX features a new differential design, as well as improved suspension geometry. The crew at MCD have been developing the DUOX for a long time now, thus ensuring that it will be one of the best large scalers to ever hit the market. The DUOX is [...]


RC4WD Magnetic Portable Jerry Can Set

RC4WD 1/10 Magnetic Portable Jerry Can Set

New from RC4WD is a 1/10th scaled Magnetic Portable Jerry Can Set. The Jerry Can set is easy to mount and makes for a great scale accessory. * Made from injection molded ABS plastic * Weight- 0.28oz * Width- 1.14″ * Length- 1.14″ * Height- 1.63″ Street pricing for the RC4WD Magnetic Portable Jerry Can Set comes in at $22 and it has a part number [...]


MCD Racing RC XS5 Max 5th Scale Kit

MCD Racing XS5 Max 1/5 On-Road Kit

New from MCD Racing is the 1/5th scaled XS5 Max on-road car kit. This massive pavement pounder features a new super car body on the outside, and is ready for big gasoline power under the hood. Here are the highlights- * Realistic super car styled body * Easy to convert wheelbase * Locked center diff, open rear, limited slip in front * Pro version [...]


STL Drag Racing Championships No Prep 1/5 Baja

Coverage - STL RC Drag Racing Club No Prep 1/5 Drag Racing C…

Over the weekend of May 5th, 1/5th scale drag racers from across the country converged on St. Louis, Missouri, for the STL RC Drag Racing Club No Prep 1/5 Baja Drag Racing Championships. Whether it be full sized, or 1/5th scaled, drag racing can be serious business. That’s why dozens of our country’s premier large scale drag racers met up [...]


Kraken RC KV5TT Pro Kit SCT 1/5

Kraken RC 1/5 KV5TT Pro Kit Short Course Truck

Attention large scale fans, Kraken RC has just announced the Kit Version of their massive KV5TT Pro Short Course Truck. The kit version can save you some cash, or it can also make it easy for you to make modifications and upgrades as you build. The Kraken KV5TT Pro Kit is street priced at $1,299, it has a part number of [...]


Primal RC 1/5 Raminator Monster Truck

Primal RC 1/5 Raminator Monster Truck!!!

Here we go folks, the truck that is making huge waves in the rc community, the all new Primal RC 1/5 Raminator Monster Truck has officially dropped! The Primal crew has truly outdone themselves this time, as their Raminator looks incredible. It has a fantastic scale look, it has an insane 49cc reed-valve engine, and it weighs 80 lbs! Can [...]


Primal RC 1/5 49cc Monster Truck

Primal RC Teases Giant New 1/5 Monster Truck

Being teased now by Primal RC is a massive new 1/5th Scale Monster Truck. Their new monster truck promises to be one of the biggest and gnarliest of all time. Here are some highlights- * High performance motorcycle style reed-valve 49cc gas engine * Weight- 80 lbs * Solid front and rear axles * Built in reverse More details like pricing are to follow, with [...]


Losi 5IVE-T 2.0

Losi Unleashes The Losi 5IVE-T 2.0!!!

All you large scale fans will be stoked to see the arrival of the new 5IVE-T 2.0 from Losi. The original 5IVE-T was in incredible truck, but the version 2.0 brings even more bashing goodness to the plate. A 32cc Zenoah engine is used to give the 2.0 loads of power to go along with numerous other improvements. Here are [...]


HPI 5R Ford Mustang Video

Video – HPI Racing Baja 5R 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Recently posted by HPI Racing is a new video for their Baja 5R 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302. The Boss 302 is a large 1/5th scaled on-road car that is powered by a gasoline engine. Watch the video below to see the Boss 302 take on a paved track in retro style. In the video you can see how realistic the [...]


MCD RR5 Max Pro

Full Details – MCD Racing 1/5 RR5-Max Pro

After a bit of teasing, MCD Racing has released full details on the upcoming RR5-Max Pro. The Max Pro is a 1/5th scale RTR buggy that now comes with a number of upgrades to help it bash harder. Here’s the full scoop- * Barracuda tuned exhaust * CNC machined engine mount * CNC machined 7075 T6 chassis * New front chassis stiffener * All new [...]


Kraken VEKTA.5 TSCO Desert Truck

Kraken 1/5 VEKTA.5 TSCO Desert Truck

Is the large scale short course truck class heating up or what? First announced was the burly Losi Super Baja Rey. Then, just the other day, Traxxas announces their Unlimited Desert Racer. Now, to go even bigger, Kraken has announced the 1/5 VEKTA.5 TSCO Desert Truck. The Kraken is a huge beast of a truck that is powered by a [...]