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RPM ECX Gear Cover

RPM Sealed Gear Cover for ECX 2WDs

RPM has been making heavy duty Gear Covers for a very long time. They are beefier than stock, last longer, and tend to keep more dust and dirt out of your spur gear than the stock unit. The latest gear cover from RPM fits the 1/10th 2WD line of vehicles from ECX. With a quick access slipper plug, a better [...]


RPM Gear Cover

RPM White Gear Cover for Associated RC10, RC10 Classic, & RC…

RPM did not simply re-release an old part with their Gear Cover for the Associated RC10 Classic, they redesigned it from the ground up. The new gear cover for the RC10 is made from molded plastic, which is more durable than the stock part, and also creates a better seal to help keep dirt from getting into the spur/pinion gear area. [...]


RPM VTS Associated Gear Cover

RPM Gear Cover for VTS Equipped SC10, SC10B, B4 & T4

The VTS slipper clutch on certain Associated models is slightly taller than the previous unit, to accommodate the additional height RPM has new gear covers. Made from high quality plastic, the RPM gear covers provide plenty of clearance for the VTS slipper while maintaining their original low profile. The part numbers are #70262 for black, #70265 for blue, and [...]


Driven Pro Gear Cover

Driven Productions Gear Cover and Chassis Top Plate

All you Losi Mini 8IGHT owners can now rejoice, Driven Productions has engineered a new gear cover and chassis top plate for your ride. The new Driven Pro gear cover helps keep dirt out of your pinion and spur, making for longer lasting gears and quieter driving. These are machined out of Delrin, available in black, and have a street [...]