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Gluing Pro-Line RC Tires

Gluing Tires with Cubby

While I highly prefer to save time by using pre-mounted tires, gluing tires is still a part of our wonderful hobby. For you old timers, you can glue up a set in your sleep, for you new hobbyists, it isn’t nearly as hard as some people (like me) make it out to be. I recently got a set of Pro-Line Gladiator [...]


Sneak peek of Pro-Line’s next short course tire…

Pro-Line had gone digging through their archives looking for inspiration for their next short course tire.  The Gladiator had been a popular style for quite a long time, with it’s super aggressive square knob pattern, it has been tearing up lawns and tracks all over.  Soon the Gladiator will be doing it all over again on short course trucks.  We [...]