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ARRMA 18th Granite Grom Mega 4X4 Monster Truck

ARRMA 1/18 Granite Grom Mega 4X4 Monster Truck RTR

Just announced by ARRMA is a 1/18 Granite Grom Mega 4X4 Monster Truck RTR. That’s right folks, the mighty ARRMA Granite has been shrunk down to 1/18th sizing to allow you to bash nearly anywhere. Being small enough to run indoors, while being large enough for outdoor bashing, the 1/18th scale Granite is more than ready for your next bashing [...]




New over at ARRMA is a Wide Arm BOOST Box. This new wide arm kit is designed to fit ARRMA’s 4×2 Mega Boost series vehicles and is used to widen your rig for increase handling in corners. Here are the highlights- * Easy upgrade for your 4X2 BOOST vehicle * Also compatible with the 4X4 MEGA and 3S Granite and Vorteks * Includes [...]


ARRMA Vorteks 4X2 Boost Mega 550 Brushed Stadium Truck

ARRMA Announces 1/10 4X2 Boost Mega 550 Brushed RTR Line-Up

New from ARRMA is a three truck line-up of 1/10 4X2 Boost Mega 550 Brushed RTRs. This affordable line was designed for first time drivers, but all three trucks are packed with performance. All three units are available for pre-order right now with street pricing of just $199. Here are the highlights- * 2-wheel drive 4X2 transmission * Easily upgradable to 4X4 [...]


Pro-Line Early 50's Chevy Tough-Color Stone Gray Body

Pro-Line Early 50's Chevy Tough-Color Stone Gray Body for St…

New over at Pro-Line is a Tough-Color Stone Gray version of an Early 50’s Chevy Pick-Up Body. Pro-Line’s Tough-Color bodies are perfect for bashing, as you never have to worry about paint peeling, or chipping off. Designed to fit 1/10 trucks like the Traxxas Stampede and ARRMA Granite, the Early 50’s Chevy is sure to turn heads down at the [...]


Granite Voltage 2WD Brushed Mega Monster Truck RTR Video

Video – ARRMA 1/10 2WD Granite Voltage Mega RTR

New from ARRMA is a video for their 1/10 2WD Granite Voltage Mega RTR. The Mega Series Granite comes RTR with a battery and charger, making it fast and easy to get up and running. An innovative battery tray allows for the use of LiPo batteries, while bashing optimized suspension allows the Granite to go big! Here are the highlights- * [...]


ARRMA Granite Winner!

We have a winner in the ARRMA Granite 3S BLX Giveaway! Now before I tell you who won… just kidding, if I start thanking everyone now, you people will just skip to the winner list anyway so lets start drawing names and see who wins what. All the winners were chosen by numbers picked from the random number generator that [...]


ARRMA Voltage Granite Mega Review

When we heard about the ARRMA Voltage Granite Mega from Horizon Hobby was getting a price drop to $99, it seemed like something we wanted to revisit. We had reviewed the ARRMA Voltage Fazon a while back, but this one is a little different. The Granite comes with Lithium Ion batteries which is something that is still very new for [...]


ARRMA Voltage Price Drop and Second Look $99!

We were recently informed about the ARRMA Voltage line getting a big price drop to $99, and at a sub one hundred dollar price, we thought maybe we should talk another look at these vehicles. This past week we hit JuiceBox Off-Road Park for a little fun, and wow did we have a blast! We’ll do a full write up [...]


Monster Bash ARRMA Granite 4x4 Video

Monster Bash With The ARRMA 4×4 Mega Granite Video

Uploaded by ARRMA late last week was a new video for the 4×4 Granite. The video, titled “Monster Bash”, is short but shows how fun driving the Granite 4×4 is. Below you can see a pair of Granite 4x4s jumping, throwing roost, as well as doing some general bashing. As you can see, the Granite 4×4 has long travel suspension [...]


ARRMA Voltage Granite Fazon

New Voltage Series Vehicles From ARRMA

That’s right folks, the crew at ARRMA have a pair of all new vehicles. These are the Granite Voltage and the Fazon Voltage. Both of these are also Mega series, meaning they come in an affordable brushed platform. How affordable are they? Just $139 street pricing! The Voltage series Granite and Fazon are 1/10th scale 2wd trucks. Both use a brushed [...]


ARRMA MEGA Granite 4x4 MEGA Senton 4x4

ARRMA Goes MEGA With Granite 4×4 & Senton 4×4

As if the Granite was not already gnarly enough, ARRMA has just announced the Mega Series Granite 4×4. On top of that, they are also showing an updated MEGA edition of the Senton 4×4 short course truck. If you aren’t familiar with ARRMA’s MEGA series, they are affordable, brushed powered vehicles intended to give you maximum bang for the buck. Oh, [...]


RPM ARRMA A-Arms 1/10

RPM A-Arms For ARRMA 1/10 Vehicles

Attention all you ARRMA 1/10th scale owners, RPM has just announced new A-Arms for you. Thanks to RPM, now you can upgrade both the front and rear arms on your ARRMA Granite, Vorteks, Raider, Fury, or Mojave. The arms are molded from RPM’s legendary plastic blend and are engineered to be significantly stronger than the stock units. The arms are [...]


ARRMA Granite BLX Video

ARRMA Granite BLX Skatepark Video

Watch the ARRMA Granite BLX monster truck bust out crazy moves in a new video from Hobbico. The Granite BLX uses a powerful brushless system to go huge over the jumps, watch the video above to see just how big! The Granite BLX is available right now and is priced at $249. To get more details you can make the jump [...]



New Updates For ARRMA 1/10 BLX Line-up

The folks over at ARRMA have recently updated their 1/10 BLX Line-up. Now the BLX series vehicles will get a Tactic TTX300 Radio, a ARRMA BLX85 ESC, and 4-pole BLX3656 3800Kv brushless motors. The Granite BLX and Raider BLX will be street priced at $249 while the Fury BLX is $259. You can get full details at This Link over [...]



STRC Aluminum Option Parts For ARRMA Vehicles

Coming soon from ST Racing Concepts are more Aluminum Option Parts for 1/10th ARRMA vehicles. All the parts are CNC machined from high quality aluminum, they will be available in a wide variety of colors, and they were designed to fit the Granite, Raider, Vorteks, Fury and Raider XL. The aluminum upgrade parts should help make your ARRMA more durable [...]