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Pokemon GO GT Power Portable USB Output

GT Power Portable USB Charger For Pokémon GO

Do you have a bunch of LiPo batteries laying around your house? Have you found yourself totally addicted to Pokémon GO? If so, an rc company named GT Power has an item for you. GT Power makes a Portable Cell Checker that has a USB Output Port. This allows you, the serious Pokémon GO player, to use your rc LiPo [...]


GT Power USB Charger

GT Power Portable USB Charger

Wouldn’t it be nice to use one of your normal LiPo batteries to charge your cell phone? Thanks to GT Power, now you can. GT Power’s new Portable USB Charger plugs right into your LiPo and has a 5 volt 1 amp USB output on the back. It can also be used as a normal cell checker, showing total pack [...]