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Carisma GT16MT Review

Review – Carisma GT16MT Brushless 4wd RTR

THE Carisma GT16MT Brushless 4wd RTR ReviewNope, you can’t buy Carisma here in the states. However, you never know when they might get picked up, so to stay “ahead of the curve” we are busting out some reviews of their products. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the GT16MT, a 1/16th scale, 4wd, RTR, off-road truck. The first [...]


Carisma GT16MT Brushless RTR

Carisma GT16MT 16th Scale Brushless RTR

New from the crew at Carisma is their 16th scale 4wd GT16MT. The GT16MT comes stock with brushless power to turn all four of those tires over with authority. Some of the other features and specifications include- * 4WD * 2.4G Radio * Carisma Brushless System * Full Assembled * Ready to Run * Oil shocks * 370 brushless motor * Front and rear bumpers * High traction tires * [...]