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TrakPower LiPo Batteries

New LiPo Batteries from TrakPower

Over the last couple of years we’ve used a lot of TrakPower LiPo Batteries around the office, typically with great results. TrakPower has just announced some new options in their battery line-up that feature new heat resistant materials to limit swelling in high temperature applications. Some of the new packs are rated for 50C discharge, others are listed at 100C, [...]


LRP Competition LiPo batteries

LRP LiPo Competition Car Line Hardcase Batteries

If you want to go really fast when you bash, LiPo batteries are a necessity. Some of the latest LiPos to hit the market are from LRP. LRP has 3 new batteries in their Competition Hardcase Battery line-up. Their new 2S 6000 is said to have the same power as higher capacity packs, but are lighter for better chassis performance. They [...]


TrakPower Hard Case Lipo Batteries

New TrakPower Hard Case Lipo Batteries

Thankfully April Fools day is over and we can switch back from “Racer” news to what we are all about, covering the bash scene. If you are looking for a high-end battery to power your bash machine the crew over at TrakPower has a new line-up of hard case Lipo’s. These new Lipo’s pack more punch with 80C discharge rates and [...]