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Horizon Hobby Buying Hobbico

Judge Approves Horizon’s Purchase Of Hobbico

On Monday, a bankruptcy court judge approved Horizon Hobby’s purchase of Hobbico. The two Champaign, Illinois hobby powerhouses are expected to become one this Friday, the date of the end of the sale. Horizon submitted an offer of just under 19 million dollars to acquire Hobbico’s ARRMA and Axial Racing brands, as well as their Tower Hobbies and Great Planes [...]


C-Me Flying Camera Video

Hobbico C-Me Flying Selfie Camera Video

Recently uploaded by the folks over at Hobbico is a video for the C-Me flying camera. The C-Me is loaded with popular features, but more importantly, it is sized to fit in your pocket, making it easy to take just about anywhere. The video below shows how easy the C-Me is to use, even for first timers. Enjoy the video below, [...]


March Bash-ness 2018 Round 4 – Final Four

We are down to the final four! This is a VERY important round because it’s going to crown a winner for the basher side and a winner for the crawler side. It’s been very exciting watching things unfold. The leads in round three jumped back and forth several times leaving us on the edge of our seats to see who [...]


March Bash-ness 2018 Round 3

We are down to eight vehicles. Four on the basher side, and four on the crawler side. The last round proved pretty interesting as a few upsets broke more than a few of the Big Squid RC crew brackets. There are several vehicles in the top 8 nobody expected to get this far. Again, every year we are surprised by [...]


Horizon Hobby Buying Hobbico

Horizon Hobby Files Bid To Buy Hobbico

BigSquidRC has learned that Horizon Hobby has filed an official bid to buy Hobbico. The bid of just under 19 million dollars was filed earlier today. The closing of the sale is slated for April 6th. Click Here to read more industry news on BigSquidRC.


ARRMA Kraton Never Back Down Video

4K Video – Never Back Down With The ARRMA Kraton 6S BLX

Several years ago we heard about a small company with a really cool looking 2wd, TVP, 1/10th buggy. That was the ARRMA Raider. It had unique, but rugged looks, a crazy radio, and after we finally got our hands on it, we found it rocked as a bash machine. Since then, ARRMA has really taken off. They expanded into the 1/8th [...]



RISE Archon FPV GPS Drone Video

Recently uploaded by the folks at RISE is a video for the Archon FPV GPS Drone. The video is short and does a great job of showing surface guys like us all the features of the Archon. For example, the video shows how easy it is to use the Archon’s convenient return to home function, as well as numerous other [...]


ARRMA Fazon Voltage Video

4K Video – ARRMA Fazon Voltage – Bash Longer, Bash Harder

Recently uploaded by ARRMA for your viewing pleasure is a new promotional video for the Fazon Voltage. The video titled “Bash Longer, Bash Harder”, has some nice slow motion footage of the Fazon getting its bash-on. The Fazon has been tearing up bash spots across the world, the video shows how fun it can be to get out in the [...]


Futaba 12K

Futaba Announces The Feature Packed 12K Air Radio

Expected to start shipping later this month is the new Futaba 12K air radio system. The 12K has cutting edge radio technology and comes with 14 channels to handle nearly any application. Here are some of its other highlights- * Futaba S-FHSS & T-FHSS protocols * Telemetry transmitted and received in T-FHSS * Expandable 30 model memory * Large, backlit LCD screen * 6V 1800mAh [...]


ARRMA Drive Away Video

4K Video – ARRMA Drive Aways

Posted up a couple of days ago by ARRMA is a short promo video for their #arrmadriveaways social media event. You see, ARRMA wants to see your craziest drive away. What is a drive away? That’s when you have a big crash and there is no way that you should be able to drive away, but you still do with [...]


Flyzone Micro Airplanes

Two New Micro Airplanes From Flyzone

Just announced by Flyzone are a pair of new Micro Airplanes. Both planes feature twin electric motors and are heavy on scale realism. * Flyzone Micro C-47 Skytrain RTF – #FLZA2330 * Flyzone Micro DC-3 Airliner RTF – #FLZA2320 * Incredible detailing * Comes with everything needed to fly inside the box * 1S LiPo flight battery * Tactic 4 channel SLT radio w/ built in [...]


RISE Indorfin Drone

Two New Drones From RISE

Just announced by RISE is the Indorfin 130 Race Drone as well as the Archon GPS Drone. First up is the Indorfin which will be available in two versions. The RTF version comes with everything you need to get racing and is priced at $299 with a part number of #RISE0210. The Indorfin will also come as a FPV-R, meaning you’ll [...]


ARRMA Talion Beach Attack Video

4K Video – ARRMA Talion Beach Attack

Recently posted to the ARRMA YouTube channel is a new video titled Beach Attack. The Beach Attack video is shot in glorious 4K resolution and does a great job of showcasing the abilities of the Talion 6S BLX truggy. In the video below you can watch the 6S powered Talion throwing massive roost, blasting through sand berms, and popping serious [...]


Hobbico 500 Video

Video – Hobbico 500

Recently posted by Hobbico is a promotional video titled Hobbico 500. The Hobbico 500 video is a fun look at rc racing featuring Yeti Jr rock racers. The Hobbico crew uses the video to show just how fun it can be to gather with your friends and race. While some people take rc racing very seriously, rc racing is even [...]


ARRMA Typhon Speed DNA Video

ARRMA Typhon – Speed DNA Video

Recently posted by ARRMA is a new video for the 2018 Typhon 6S BLX buggy. In the video shown below, you can see the Typhon launching off jumps and sliding around corners. The video also has some excellent slow-motion footage of the Typhon roosting massive rocks. If you are looking for more details on the Typhon, use This Link to [...]