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Spektrum SMART ESC Firma Avian

Spektrum Announces Line-Up Of Smart ESCs

New from Spektrum is a line-up of Smart Technology ESCs. On the surface side Spektrum has announced the Firma ESC line-up, while the air side is called Avian. For now, Spektrum has introduced 3 Firma surface controllers and 6 Avian controllers for the air crowd. * No additional sensors needed for telemetry data straight to radio in real time * Telemetry shows [...]


Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited Trail Buggy Kit

Axial Capra 1.9″ Unlimited Trail 4WD Buggy Kit

New from Axial Racing is the Capra 1.9″ Unlimited Trail 4WD Buggy Kit. The Capra brings serious crawling performance to the trail with portal style axles and a new Dig function. A cutting edge buggy kit, the Capra was designed to dominate. Here are more highlights- * New transmission with Dig function * Currie F9 portal axles * All metal gears * Tube chassis [...]


Gil Losi JR Back Returns Losi TLR Horizon Hobby

Gil Losi JR Returns To Losi & TLR

Here is big news for all you Losi and TLR fans, Gil Losi Jr. is now back! That’s right, Gil Losi Jr. is back working for the brand that he, and his father, made famous. Here is the official statement from Horizon Horizon- CHAMPAIGN, IL –Horizon Hobby is excited to announce that Gil Losi Jr. has returned to consult with Team [...]


Spektrum RC SMART S1500 DC Battery Charger

A Pair Of New SMART Chargers From Spektrum

Just announced by Spektrum are a pair of new SMART Technology Battery Chargers. The SMART chargers from Spektrum are some of the safest, as well as high-tech, on the market. The Spektrum SMART S1500 DC Charger (#SPMXC1050) is a single port charger with 500 watts of power on tap. With charging at up to 20 Amps, the S1500 can quickly charge [...]


Spektrum S1200 DC Smart Battery Charger Review

Spektrum S1200 DC Smart Battery Charger Review

As a long time innovative leader in the radio world, Spektrum and Horizon Hobbies is now setting out to become a force in the LiPo battery and charger world. New from Spektrum is a full line of SMART Technology batteries, chargers, and accessories. While we have been using several of their new SMART units, this week we are doing a [...]


Horizon Hobby Air Meet 2019 Photos and Video

Every year, Horizon Hobby puts on one of the best air events in Europe, more specifically Germany! While we didn’t get a chance to attend this years Air Meet, we wanted to share some pics for everyone as well as the official Horizon Videos, so you can see what the event is all about, and maybe try to plan a [...]


ARRMA Granite Senton 4x4 Mega Brushed

ARRMA SENTON 4x4 Mega 550 Brushed & GRANITE 4x4 Mega 550 Bru…

Hot on the heals of announcing a sub $220 Typhon buggy, ARRMA has now announced the SENTON 4×4 Mega 550 Brushed as well as the GRANITE 4×4 Mega 550 Brushed RTR. Both of these are priced just like the new Typhon at just $219 and both come loaded with all the features you need to get into the exciting world [...]


ARRMA Typhon 4x4 Mega 550 Brushed RTR

Under $220 – New ARRMA Typhon 4×4 Mega 550 Brushed RTR

For all you aspiring hobbyists out there, ARRMA has just dropped the Typhon 4×4 Mega 550 Brushed RTR. The big news with the latest Typhon is its price point- just $219. The low price point, as well as the easy to manage Mega 550 brushed power system, make the new Typhon the perfect starting point for new hobbyists. * 12 turn [...]


Onyx KX80 80W AC DC Battery Charger

Onyx KX80 AC/DC Battery Charger

Available right now from Onyx is the KX80 AC/DC Battery Charger. The KX80 is an affordable charger that can handle lots of different styles of batteries, plus it can charge at up to 6 amps. Here are more highlights- * Charges LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, NiMH, NiCd, and Pb * Maximum LiPo cell count of 6S * Easy to read LCD screen * 2 amp [...]


Axial Racing Capra

Teaser – Axial Racing Capra

Now being teased by Axial Racing is a new rig called the Capra. The teaser video below gives very little clue as to what the Capra looks like, but the hot rumor going around centers around portal style axles. We have no idea if the Capra will be portal equipped or not, but what we do know is that is [...]


Pro Boat Power Boat Racer Deep V

Pro Boat Power Boat Racer Deep V w/SMART Charger & Battery

Recently announced by Pro Boat is the 17″ Power Boat Racer Deep V w/SMART Charger & Battery. The latest offering from Pro Boat packs serious power by using a brushless motor and it comes with the very popular self-righting feature. Here are more highlights- * Comes with a Spektrum 3S 1300mAh SMART LiPo & charger * Choice of two trim schemes- Lucas [...]


Duratrax TrakPower TK-955 Soldering Station

New Soldering Stations From Duratrax

After showing off some new Monster Truck Tires a couple of weeks ago, Duratrax has now dropped a pair of Soldering Stations. The higher-end unit is the Duratrax Trakpower TK-955, which is a digital unit at the $109 price point. The second unit is the Duratrax Trakpower TK-950 which is priced at just $79. Both units have more than enough [...]


TLR 22 5.0 DC Elite Race Buggy Kit

TLR 22 5.0 DC Elite 2WD Race Buggy Kit

As indoor racing season inches closer every day, TLR has announced the new 22 5.0 DC Elite 2wd race buggy kit. The DC Elite comes with a slew of high-end upgrades to help put you on the top step of the podium. Here are some of the highlights- * Professional grade, team-level kit in one box * Optimized for dirt and clay [...]


Axiala Racing UMG10 Kit in Action Video

We recently got our hands on the Axial Racing SCX10 II UMG10 Kit (you can see the unboxing here) and got it built. Jeremy did a great job getting it all put together, and we wanted to show if off a bit in with a cool video. It’s a good kit, and went together quite well, watch for the full [...]


Axial Racing SCX10 II UMG10 6x6 RTR

Axial Racing SCX10 II UMG10 6×6 RTR Rock Crawler

Here ya go Axial Racing fanatics, they have just dropped their first 6×6 with the SCX10 II UMG10 RTR. That’s right, soon you will be able to get 6 wheel drive, along with a classic military style body, on the latest Axial Racing release. Here are the highlights- * Tandem AR44 rear axles * Extended frame rails * LED lighting front & rear * [...]