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Losing grip – New shocks for the rocks

G’day folks! No physics lesson today, but an update on my heavily upgraded SCX24. A wonderful little car it is, suitable for indoors, capable enough for outdoors, small enough to fit in a backpack with room to spare for coffee and biscuits. A lot of bang for the buck, and durable too – it hardly weighs anything, and it certainly [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Transmission Upgrade for an SMT10

Greetings monster truck nuts! I’d like to talk Axial SMT10 transmissions in a minute, but I’d like to touch on some sad news first. A long-time member of the monster truck community passed away unexpectedly last week, BIGFOOT’s Ron Bachmann. Ron, affectionately known as “Lurch” to many, was a legendary road-warrior and great man. If you’ve ever seen one of the [...]


Hot Racing X-Maxx Aluminum Upgrades

Hot Racing Aluminum Upgrades For Traxxas X-Maxx

Get your Traxxas X-Maxx into full tank-mode with some new Aluminum Upgrades from Hot Racing. What are some of the upgrades they offer? Quite a few actually. * Aluminum front upper chassis (pictured above) * Aluminum steering link set * Progressive spring set * Steel axle conversion * Steel stub axle * Aluminum diff cups * Aluminum gearbox cover * Aluminum upper rear gearbox cover * Aluminum steering knuckles * [...]


TheToyz Hot Racing GPM Axial Yeti XL

Project – TheToyz Axial Yeti XL Mega-Basher

We were blown away by the Axial Yeti XL when we first reviewed it. It was huge, it had incredible scale looks, and it loved to go huge or go home. A few months later we received the kit version and we were further impressed. However, just like every one of you out there, no matter how good a vehicle [...]


Hot Racing

Hot Racing Aluminum Upgrades Now Available from Hobbico

There are a lot of different aluminum upgrade companies out there, but one of the best is Hot Racing. About a week ago they signed on with Champaign Illinois based powerhouse Hobbico. What this means to consumers is that Hot Racing products will now be available at local hobbys shop via Great Plane Model Distribution, or if you don’t have [...]


Aluminum Upgrades Axial Yeti XL Hot Racing TheToyz

Box Full of Uberness - Aluminum Upgrades for the Yeti XL fro…

We are just like you guys, when we going bashing with the crew, we like to push the limits. While our review Axial Yeti XL Kit proved to be quite tough, when the going gets extreme (like at the end of the day), every vehicle could use some beefing up. We got with the folks over at to see what [...]


Hot Racing Sway Bar Traxxas Revo E-Revo

Hot Racing Sway Bar Kit for the Traxxas Revo

Does your Traxxas Revo/E-Revo roll too much in the corners? If so, the folks at Hot Racing have a new Sway Bar Kit for you. This adjustable sway bar kit helps keep your Revo’s tires on the ground and the chassis flatter, making your truck easier to drive. Designed to fit the Revo 2.5 or 3.3, top quality hardware is [...]


Hot Racing Yeti XL Motor Plate

Hot Racing Heat Sink Motor Plate for the Axial Yeti XL

For you hardcore bashers looking to keep the temps down on the motor in your Axial Yeti XL, the crew over at Hot Racing has a new product for you. Their new Heat Sink Motor Plate for the Yeti XL is said to help pull heat out of the motor to allow for extended runs on 6S LiPO. The heat [...]


Hot Racing Aluminum A-Arms

Aluminum Upgrades for Dromida Series Vehicles from Hot Racin…

The Dromida line-up of 18th scalers from Hobbico have really taken off in the last year, and for good reason, they are affordable and fun to drive. To help make your Dromida the best it can be, Hot Racing has released a full set of Aluminum Upgrades for the BX4.18 buggy, MT4.18 monster truck, and SC4.18 short course truck. Made [...]


Hot Racing Axial Yeti Upgrades

Hot Racing Aluminum Option Parts for the Axial Yeti

Is the Axial Yeti the new T-Maxx? It is selling like hotcakes (even to people not into the scale/crawling genre) and it has been getting tremendous love from the aftermarket. Some of the latest aftermarket goodies for the Yeti come from Hot Racing. They have a bunch of new aluminum upgrade parts to make the Yeti even tougher while upping its [...]


Hot Racing Aluminum Gear Box Cover Vaterra Twin Hammers

Hot Racing Aluminum Gear Box Cover for Vaterra Twin Hammers

Are you working on blinging out your Vaterra Twin Hammers? If so the crew at Hot Racing can get you one step closer with their new aluminum gear box cover. The gear box cover will certainly up your bling factor and comes with a screw on black cap. The part number for the Hot Racing gear box cover is #VTH3201, it [...]


Hot Racing Scale Aluminum Jack Stands Red

Hot Racing Scale Aluminum Jack Stands

Looking to go that extra step in scale realism? Hot Racing has scale looking aluminum jack stands to get you that much closer. The Hot Racing aluminum jack stands are fully functional so you can use these to help work on your rig or to simply have them around as eye candy. Available anodized in either red or blue, they carry [...]


Hot Racing Diff Lock Twin Hammers

Hot Racing Lightweight Front Diff Lock for Vaterra Twin Hamm…

A working front diff in your Vaterra Twin Hammers is great for general driving and bashing, but if you want to do some hardcore crawling you really need to lock that thing up. Hot Racing makes that task easy and sanitary with their new aluminum diff lock. The Hot Racing front diff lock for the Twin Hammers is made out [...]


Hot Racing Wheel TQ

Hot Racing Steering Wheel for Traxxas TQ Radios

Traxxas has sold untold amounts of ready to run trucks that come equipped with their TQ radio. Hot Racing just happens to make an upgrade aluminum steering wheel that not only increases the looks of the TQ, but also comes with better foam on the wheel for improved grip. The Hot Racing upgrade wheel comes in different colors, is constructed [...]