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Hudy RC Aluminum Hobby Knife

Hudy Aluminum Hobby Knife

If you are a new hobbyist, what is the first tool that you need in your pit box? A good hobby knife. New from Hudy is a very trick Aluminum Hobby Knife. Hudy is best known for their ultra-durable tools, now you can own a high-end hobby knife that can stand the test of time. * Lightweight design * Aluminum handle * Protective [...]


Hudy Dust Pan

Hudy Brush & Pan Clean Up Tool

Coming soon from Hudy is an extremely esoteric Brush & Pan clean up tool set. The Hudy crew went to extra lengths to make sure their dust pan set is far and away the best to ever hit the market. Featuring over 1000 bristles, the Hudy brush & pan set is the ultimate in sweeping performance. Check out these features- * [...]


Hudy Aluminum Servo Arms

Hudy Aluminum Servo Horns

Shipping soon from Hudy is a selection of Aluminum Servo Horns. As with anything Hudy, the servo arms are high-end units designed for the ultimate in performance. * Available for a wide variety of different applications * CNC machined from Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum * Laser engraved * Easy to use clamp-on design * No flex for more precise steering Full details on all 9 of [...]


HUDY Professional Multi Tool

Hudy Professional Multi Tool

Thin out that giant toolbox of yours with the new Professional Multi Tool from Hudy. What can their new multi tool do? It was designed to assemble and disassemble ball joints, to be a shock body holder, a shock shaft holder, a turnbuckle holder, a soldering jig, as well as many other uses. Here are some of its highlights- * Machined [...]


Hudy Pocket Hobby Knife

Hudy Pocket Hobby Knife

Do you like to wrench? Are you really into tools? If so, Hudy has just announced a really trick Pocket Hobby Knife. This tiny hobby knife can come in handy while working on rc cars or even around the house. The Hudy knife folds to save space in your toolbox, plus it has easily replaceable blades. * Ultra compact size * [...]


Hudy C1 Touring Car Tires

Hudy Pre-Mounted C1 Touring Car Tires

New for all you touring car guys are Pre-Mounted C1 Rubber Tires from Hudy. The Hudy pre-mounts use a unique rubber compound for maximum grip on high bite carpet tracks. A fully robotic automated system does all the gluing, saving you time and trouble. Mounted on “ultra-true” Hudy wheels, the pre-mounts have been tested by European & World Champions to [...]


XRay F1 Set Up System

Hudy Set-Up System for 1/10 Formula Cars

Hudy now has a high-end Set-up System to dial in your 1/10th scale Formula 1 car. With the Hudy system you can easily measure front toe, caster, camber, and steering throw symmetry. The set-up system includes a tough acrylic upper plate, ball bearing equipped CNC machined set-up stands, and wheel axle adapters. The part number is #109306 and Right Here is [...]


HUDY 1/10 Off-Road Car Stand

HUDY 1/10th Scale Off-Road Car Stand

Hudy has announced a stylish new Car Stand for 1/10th Scale Off-Road Vehicles. The Hudy car stand gives you a stable base to help make wrenching easier, while rubber feet prevent it from slipping around your pit area. The stand comes with four holes in the side to aid in shocks rebuilds and its compact design makes it easy to [...]


Hudy Turnbuckle Wrench

Hudy Turnbuckles Wrenches

There is nothing like using the right tool for the job. Hudy has announced two new turnbuckle wrenches to make it easier to work on your rig. In both 5.5 and 6mm, the Hudy turnbuckle wrenches are hardened for long life and hand ground for a perfect fit. The part number for the 5.5mm is #181055, the 6mm is [...]


Hudy RC Car body fix

Hudy RC Car Body Fix and Protective Coating

If you bash hard, you destroy a lot of bodies. Now Hudy has a protective coating that can help keep your body in one piece. This specially formulated glue can be used to fix broken areas as well as protecting spots that tend to break or get worn down by tires or an exhaust pipe. The part number is #106280 [...]


Hudy ProfiTools

New HUDY Lightweight profiTools

While we are partial to MIP wrenches around the BSRC offices, Hudy is also known for their high quality tools. Recently they have announced several new tools including .050 & 5/64 Allen wrenchs, and a new 3mm A-arm reamer. Some of their features include- * Comfortable, lightweight, plastic handle * Hubs machined from aluminum for easy tip replacement * The handmade, CAD designed, [...]


Hudy Double-Sided Hardware Box

If you like to keep your hardware organised, then Hudy’s Double-Sided Hardware Box is ideal for you! It’s got 10 fixed compartments and 16 smaller adjustable compartments for all types of rc hardware, and it’s also decorated with cool Hudy graphics.Head over to the Hudy Website for details.


HUDY Chem Series P.O.Ls

HUDY has a new collection of POLs for heavy duty applications.  Their silicone-based Super Differential Grease is made for high-performance and heavy-duty ball differentials and thrust bearings.  They say that it will stand up to high temperatures and will improve diff reliability.  They are also offering standard, extra, and premium bearing  greases that  are synthetic based with various additives that [...]


HUDY Star-Box – starter box for 1/8 scale nitro

Hawkers of high-end hardware, HUDY, have put forth for your consumption a brand new starter box for 1/8 scale nitro vehicles.  The HUDY Star-Box is a professional grade starter box that features a compact and lightweight design.  The starter wheel is spun up by a strong 775 size motor and it can suck electrons from two 7.2v NiMHs and it [...]


Hudy Pin Adapters for Electric Screwdriver

Ever looking for new ways to fill up pit boxes everywhere, Team Hudy has come up with a set of adapters so you can use your Hudy allen wrench tips with power drills.  The Hudy Pin Adapters come in two sizes, 3.0mm for smaller tool tips, and 3.5mm for the larger ones.  And of course they are made [...]