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Junsi iCharger X8 Duo Battery Charger

Teaser – Junsi iCharger X8 Duo Battery Charger

You know, there are a lot of iCharger fans out in rc land thanks to their insane power and the quality of the charge that they provide to batteries. We have used one of their 308s for several years with nary an issue. All new from Junsi is the extremely potent two channel iCharger X8 Duo. This mighty battery charger [...]


RC Discharger iCharger Duo 40 amp regenerative discharger

RC Discharger 40 Amp iCharger Regenerative Discharge Bank

Just announced by RC Discharger is a new 40 Amp Regenerative Discharge Bank. This beefy discharge unit was designed to work with the iCharger Duo. Here are some of the highlights- * 40 amp discharger * Comes with charger stand * First regenerative discharger compatible with the iCharger Duo and X6 * Recovers energy from discharging one pack, to charge another * 40 amp discharge [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, 09.25.2014, Version- More of Your Questions, More…

“Best Lipo Charger I have been asking around on the forums and they all seem to say the iCharger is the best thing out right now. Whats do you think? Thad T.” Cubby- Yo yo yo Thad, you’ve officially made “The Big Time”, shoot us your snail mail for the hook-up on a BSRC sticker pack. So all the Einsteins and Hawkings out in [...]


icharger 308 duo battery charger

iCharger 308 Duo Battery Charger

The king of the heavyweight chargers, the iCharger 4010, now has a little brother, the 308 Duo. While the 308 might not put up the big numbers the 4010 does, it is no lightweight at 30 amps per channel or 50 amps mono. Some of its other features and specifications include- * Max cell count: 8S Lipo, 25 NiMH * Max charge [...]


Progressive RC 500 watt the surface sidekick battery charger combo

Progressive RC The Surface Sidekick 500 watt Battery Chargin…

Are you the type of basher that likes to keep all your charging gear in a handy to transport case? If so the crew over at Progressive RC sell charging stations with a case. Each combo case comes with a power supply, battery charger, and everything needed for doing some serious charging. Pictured above is their Surface Sidekick, a 500 [...]


iCharger 4010 Duo Battery Charger

iCharger 4010 Duo Battery Charger

Throwing their hat in the ring for heavy weight champ of battery chargers is the new iCharger 4010 Duo. The 4010 Duo steps up to the plate with 1400 watts per channel of charging power, that’s some serious juice. Some of the other features/specs are- * Maximum charge power capacity: 1400W per channel @ >23.5V (up to 2000W in synchronous mode) * [...]