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Pro-Line Impulse 2.2 Black Crawler Wheels

Pro-Line 1/10 Impulse 2.2″ Black Crawler Wheels

Just announced by the crew at Pro-Line are 1/10 Impulse 2.2″ Black Crawler Wheels. The new affordable Impulse wheels have a great scale look and are made right here in the USA. Check out these highlights- * Internal Bead-Loc design * Easy to use – only 6 screws per wheel * Unique 3-piece plastic wheel design * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Includes axle washers [...]


Pro-Line Crestline 1.9" Aluminum Composite Internal Bead-Loc Wheels

Two New 1.9" Aluminum Composite Bead-Loc Wheels From Pro-Lin…

New from the Pro-Line crew is a pair of 1.9″ Aluminum Composite Bead-Loc Wheels. Both wheels are nicely styled for the scale community and were designed for serious trail use. Here are just a few of the highlights- * CNC machined aluminum wheel face * All new Crestline wheel style * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Shiny raw aluminum finish w/ clear anodizing * 3-piece [...]


Pro-Line Impulse SCT Black Wheels

New Impulse SCT Wheels From Pro-Line

Recently announced by the good folks over at Pro-Line are new Impulse 2.2/3.0 Black Short Course Wheels. The new Impulse wheels look like the latest in full scale racing wheels and feature realistic molded-in lug nut and bead-loc detailing. Here are more highlights- * One piece design * Stiffest SCT wheel P-L has ever made for improved handling * Split-6 spoke design * Made [...]


Pro-Line Plastic 1.9" Impulse Wheels

Pro-Line Impulse 1.9″ Black/Silver Bead-Loc Wheels

New from Pro-Line are Impulse 1.9″ Black/Silver Plastic Wheels. These can give your scale rig an all-new aggressive scale look, while not breaking the bank. Take a look at these features- * Scale inspired Impulse wheel styling * Made from an ultra-durable DuPont nylon * 3-piece internal bead-loc wheel design * Standard 12mm hex * Molded-in scale detailing like lug nuts and bead-loc ring * Works [...]


Pro-Line Impulse Bead-Loc Wheel Video

Pro-Line Impulse 1.9″ Internal Bead-Loc Wheel Video

Pro-Line has just uploaded a cool new video for their Impulse 1.9″ Internal Bead-Loc Wheels. The Impulse wheels are affordable, yet scale realistic, and sport an easy to use internal bead-loc design. Paul from Pro-Line talks in the video about the performance advantages and features of the Impulse wheels, which come separately, or pre-mounted with Hyrax or Bogger tires. To get [...]


Pro-Line Hyrax 1.9 G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires Mounted

Pro-Line Mounted Hyrax 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain Tires

What’s new at Pro-Line? That would be Pre-Mounted Hyrax 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain Tires. Pro-Line’s Hyrax tires were engineered with the utmost performance in mind, now they are available pre-mounted on black Impulse wheels. The pre-mounts help you save time, while also giving your rig loads of new traction. * Designed for maximum performance * Tires molded in P-L’s G8 rubber compound * [...]


Pro-Line Impulse 1.9 Black Plastic Internal Bead-Loc Wheel

Pro-Line Impulse 1.9″ Plastic Internal Bead-Loc Wheels

Just announced by Pro-Line are Impulse 1.9″ Plastic Internal Bead-Loc Wheels. These are an all new design that give you scale realism, while also being easy to use. Here are some highlights- * Unique 3 piece wheel design * Standard 12mm hex * Works with optional P-L brass brake rotor weights * Molded in black for a stylish look * Made from a heavy duty [...]


Pro-Line X-Maxx Wheel Tire Review

Pro-Line Traxxas X-Maxx Wheel/Tire Review

While the crew at Pro-Line Racing are best known for their tires winning countless world and national titles, they are also hardcore about bashing. To help give all you owners of the X-Maxx more performance, a couple of months ago Pro-Line announced a unique wheel and tire combo for your Traxxas. Their Badlands MX43 Tires and Impulse Pro-Loc Wheels were [...]


Pro-Line Wheels Tires Traxxas X-Maxx

Pro-Line Wheels and Tires For The Traxxas X-Maxx

Here ya go Traxxas X-Maxx drivers, the moment you’ve been waiting for, Pro-Line has officially announced new wheels and tires for your beast. New from Pro-Line are Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc tires and Impulse Pro-Loc wheels for the X-Maxx. The Pro-Line Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc Tires are modeled after modern day motocross tires to give you outstanding traction on loose surfaces. But wait, [...]