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Intech ER-14 ARR

Intech Racing ER-14 ARR Buggy

Announced earlier this morning by Intech Racing is the ER-14 ARR buggy. The ER-14 is an older platform that will now be available as a ARR/roller. The ARR version makes it super easy for new hobbyists to hit the track and start racing. * Pre-built ARR * 1/10th 4wd buggy * Aluminum chassis * Available with clear or pre-painted body * Carbon fiber shocks towers * [...]


Intech ER-12M 2.0 Buggy

Intech ER-12M 2.0 Buggy

The latest buggy to enter the indoor race wars is the Intech ER-12M 2.0. The version 2.0 is configured with a mid-motor layout and has many of the features that today’s racer is looking for. * 4 gear tranny * Ball diff * 3 different battery configurations * Carbon fiber towers and battery straps * Threaded, big bore aluminum shocks The ER-12M 2.0 is set [...]


Intech Sport Buggies

Intech Sport Series BR-6 2.0 and BR-6E Buggies

Newly announced from Intech is a pair of Sport Series buggies, the nitro powered BR-6 2.0 and the electric BR-6E. Designed to be competitive at an affordable price point, both buggies come with black anodized Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum shock towers and light graphite parts to improve performance. Pricing and a release date have yet to be announced, but you [...]


Intech ERSC-10

Intech Racing ERSC-10 4wd Short Course Truck

The Short Course Truck market may not be as hot as it once was but there are still new models rolling out from the manufacturers. An example of this is the new ERSC-10 from Intech Racing. The ERSC-10 is a 4wd 10th scale short course truck that was designed for performance. Aluminum alloy was used for the chassis and shock [...]


INTECH Racing ER-14 Buggy

Intech Racing ER-14 1/10th 4WD Buggy

Shipping soon is the ER-14 1/10th scale 4wd buggy from Intech Racing. The ER-14 is loaded with carbon fiber goodness, big bore shocks, and even has a center diff. Like some of the other buggies on the market, it can run normal saddle packs or a single shorty LiPO. More details are coming soon on this one, until then you [...]


Intech Racing USA ER-12 Buggy

Intech Racing USA ER-12 2wd Buggy Kit

VP-Pro has been teasing a new 2wd buggy for several weeks, now they’ve released pictures of the Intech ER-12 that they’ll be distributing. 2wd 10th scale buggies have taken off the last couple of years and the Intech ER-12 should make a good option for indoor racers or for bashers looking for something a little different. Not much information has been [...]


Intech BR-6 Electric 8th Scale Buggy

New from the crew over at Intech is their BR-6 8th Scale electric off-road buggy. On the new BR-6 you get features like uber carbon fiber shock towers, big bore shocks, sway bars, adjustable turnbuckles, and all the other goodies that help you bust out fast laps at the local track. There is no word on pricing or a release date, [...]