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Powerhobby Jetko 8th MT 4.0 Phoenix Belted PreMounted Tires

Powerhobby 1/8 Jetko MT 4.0 Phoenix Belted Mounted Tires wit…

Now shipping from Powerhobby are Jetko 1/8 MT 4.0 Phoenix Belted Mounted Tires with Removable Hex Wheels. Designed for high-speed runs and pavement bashing, the Jetko MT 4.0 Phoenix belted pre-mounts are capable of blistering speeds, while also looking sharp. Here are more highlights- * Molded from USA rubber * Pre-mounted using Loctite glue * Next generation 4.0″ wheels w/ removable hex wheels * [...]


Jetko Power J-ONE 8th Buggy Tires

Teaser – Jetko Power J-ONE Flexible Belt 1/8 Buggy Tires

Over at Jetko Power they have announced their J-ONE 1/8th Buggy Tires. Jetko is really pushing the limits of technology with these using a Flexible Light-Belt Carcass. The new flexible belt technology is said to be an improvement over traditional belting, which tends to the leave the tire carcass too stiff for small bumps, or for maximum mechanical grip. The [...]


Jetko Power RC J-Zero 8th Buggy Race Tires

Jetko Power Announces J-Zero 1/8 Buggy Race Tires

New from Jetko Power are J-Zero 1/8 Buggy Race Tires. The new J-Zeros were designed to give you more traction on low grip tracks. Here are more highlights- * Extremely flexible tread by creating numerous deformation zones * Sidewalls were redesigned to achieve controlled flex * Sculpted sidewall with wide side blocks * Perfect for use on wet tracks or dry tracks with low [...]


Jetko Power Aluminum One Piece Wing Mount Button

Jetko Power Aluminum One Piece Wing Mount Button

Over at Jetko Power they are now showing off their Aluminum One Piece Wing Mount Button. The new wing button covers a large surface area, thus providing additional support to the rear wing. Made from 2.5mm thick aluminum, this wide coverage wing mount button can help extend wing life, while helping to bulletproof an area that takes a lot of [...]


Jetko Power 2.2 Challenger Carpet Buggy Tires

Jetko Power 2.2″ Challenger Carpet Race Tires for 1/10 Buggy

Over at Jetko Power they are promoting their new 2.2″ Challenger Carpet Race Tires for 1/10 buggies. The Challengers were specifically designed for carpet track dominance and are sized to fit 4WD front, as well as 2WD & 4WD buggy rear. Here are the highlights- * Redesigned carcass shape that provides more steering in low speed corners * Also designed for more [...]


Jetko Power RC 1.0 Micro Crawler Raider Conqueror Tires

Jetko Power 1.0″ Micro Crawler Tires

New from Jetko Power are a pair of 1.0″ Micro Crawler Tires. The all new Raider and Conqueror rock crawling tires have a nice scale look, while also being designed for serious performance out on the trail. Sized to fit most standard 1/24th scaled rock crawlers, the Jetko tires are molded from a soft rubber compound to give your rig [...]


Jetko Power RC Rally Tires

Kyosho Video – Jetko Rally Tires

Over at Kyosho they have released a new promotional video for Jetko Power Rally Tires. Last fall, Jetko announced a pair of dedicated rally tires. Watch the video below to see how their new rally tires handle a hardpacked rc track. With scale inspired tread designs, and made from a soft rubber compound, the Jetko rally tires are packed with [...]


JETKO Power Belted Pre-Mounted 8th GT Tires Quicker Black Pheonix

JETKO Power Announces Belted Pre-Mounted 1/8 GT Tires

Recently the crew over at Jetko Power announced a pair of new Belted Pre-Mounted 1/8 GT Tires. New from Jetko are the Quicker Belted and Black Phoenix Belted tires. Designed from the ground up for extreme performance, a heavy duty belt is used to eliminate tire expansion at speed. A special high temperature foam insert is used and both sets [...]


Jetko RC Monster Truck Color Wheel System

Teaser – Jetko Power Announces Color Wheel System

Over at Jetko Power they are now showing off a new Color Wheel System. These hot looking pre-mounts feature wheels that are painted using the same paint as 1:1 wheels for an impeccable look. Sizing will range from 2.8″ for 1/10th scaled monster trucks, SCTs and drag cars, to 3.8″ for 1/8th scalers, as well as some big boys to [...]


Jetko Power 1.9 Conqueror Scale Crawling Tires

Jetko Power 1.9″ Conqueror Scale Crawling Tires

New from Jetko Power are 1.9″ sized Conqueror Scale Crawling Tires. The Conquerors were designed from the ground up to give maximum performance on rocks, dirt, and other loose surfaces. Check out these highlights- * Made with USA rubber * New innovative insert material to increase stability * Aggressive, open tread pattern * Multiple sipes on each tread block * Designed for unmatched side-hilling performance The [...]


Jetko Power King Cobra 5th Scale Tires RC

Jetko Power EX System 1/5 XMT Monster Tires

Over at Jetko Power they are promoting their new large scale XMT Monster Truck Pre-Mounted Tires. Jetko has two new tire designs for vehicles like the Traxxas X-Maxx and ARRMA Kraton 8S, one is more off-road, while the other has more of an on-road tread to it. Also, the pre-mounts use Jetko’s EX hub system which makes it easy to [...]