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JR Propo Mercury

Nostalgic JR Propo Mercury Transmitter

It’s all about going old school now days isn’t it? We see so many re-releases of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Now we are seeing a reemergence of vintage transmitters as well. First was the JR Colt, now it is the JR Mercury. The JR Propo Mercury has the look and feel of an old school transmitter while providing the [...]


JR Americas E-Fest 2016

JR America Booth At This Year’s E-Fest

One of the biggest names in air transmitters is JR Americas and they had a really nice area set up at E-Fest 2016. Right up front was a pair of their high-end race quads loaded to the hilt with the latest in racing technology. However, there was one other product that really caught our eye, the 6 channel Colt transmitter. [...]


JR Ninja 400MR quadcopter

JR Ninja 400MR 3D Quadcopter

While most quads are designed to either learn to fly with or to take videos, the Ninja 400MR from JR is made for “Holy Cow!” performance. The Ninja is an aerobatic 3D quadcopter that is capable of high speeds and crazy air maneuvers. Its fixed pitch propellers were designed to reverse direction quickly, giving it agility that most other quads [...]


Raging Rotors: The Road to Pilot is Paved in Broken Blades a…

As I enjoy this heat wave in the Midwest (50 degrees, anyone?), I realized something. Never in my short time writing Raging Rotors have I discussed really what kind of ‘path’ one can take to become a competent RC Pilot. Well, better late than never! Over the next couple of articles, we will discuss steps to take to improve your [...]


JR America at E-Fest 2014

JR America at E-Fest 2014

Surface radios are no longer sold under the JR banner now days in America, but their air radios are alive and well. JR America’s booth at E-Fest 2014 was big and filled with electronic goodness. From uber high end transmitters to servos of every size, they have radio gear for all sorts of air applications. Hit up their Official Website [...]


jr rc gloves

JR RC Gloves

Every winter it seems we cut up a perfectly good pair of gloves to go driving in the cold weather. For those of you that can’t stand cutting up your own gloves, JR now has RC gloves to keep your hands warm while still allowing your fingers to properly grip your transmitter. The back hand side of the JR gloves [...]


Horizon Hobby eFest 2013

Horizon Hobby Booth eFest 2013

One of the largest names in rc is Horizon Hobby and they have a very nice booth set-up at eFest 2013. Horizon is displaying a wide variety air products, from Blade heli’s and quad’s, to their novice friendly hobbyzone planes, they have a wide variety of products for nearly any flyer. Hit up the Horizon Hobby Website for more information on [...]