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Killerbody 10th Lexus RC F Pre-Painted Pearl-White Body

Killerbody 1/10 Lexus RC F Pre-Painted Pearl-White Body

In stock and shipping now from Killerbody RC is a 1/10 Lexus RC F Pre-Painted Pearl-White Body. This hot looking Lexus body comes pre-painted to save you time and was designed to fit most 1/10 touring and drift cars. Here are the highlights- * Finished and pre-painted body * Assembled light buckets * Made from polycarbonate * Wheelbase – 257mm * Width – 195mm * Pre-painted [...]


Killerbody RC Subaru Impreza WRC 2007 Pre-Painted Body

Killerbody 1/10 Subaru Impreza WRC 2007 Pre-Painted Body

Just announced by Killerbody is a new 1/10 Subaru Impreza WRC 2007 Pre-Painted Body. This classic Impreza WRC body is big on scale realism and is sized to fit 1/10 touring & rally style cars. Check out these highlights- * Pre-painted for your convenience * Molded from 0.9mm thick polycarbonate * Light buckets included * Plastic scale parts like exhaust, wipers, antenna, roof inlet, [...]


Killerbody RC Alloy Bumper LEDS TRX-4

Killerbody RC Alloy Bumper w/LEDS For The TRX-4

Shipping now from Killerbody RC is an Alloy Front Bumper with LED Lighting for the Traxxas TRX-4 rock crawler. The folks at Killerbody have designed their TRX-4 front bumper to not only look realistic, but to also be tough enough for hardcore rock crawling. Check out these highlights- * Silver-grey alloy front bumper * ABS light covers * Chromed light buckets * 2 white [...]


Losing grip – Guilt by association

”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet” Wrote Shakespeare, in the second scene of the second act of Romeo and Juliet, a bit over four hundred years ago. The scene is a classic. Juliet compares Romeo, who comes from the rival family Montague, to a rose and argues that he is [...]


Killerbody RC Lifter Window Door Kit

Killerbody RC Lifter Window & Movable Door Kit

Whoa, now here is a very trick scale accessory! Killerbody RC has announced a new Lifter Window & Movable Door Kit. What is so cool about this kit? The lifter window kit does exactly that, it allows the windows in your rig to roll up and down via the window crank! Just how cool is that? Have a look at [...]


Killerbody RC Subaru BRZ R & D Sport Clear Body

Killerbody RC Subaru BRZ R&D Sport Clear Body

Just announced by Killerbody RC is the Subaru BRZ R&D Sport 1/10th on-road body. The Subaru is fully licensed and has been impeccably scaled down for the rc market. * Available in clear, painted, or painted & fully assembled * 257mm wheelbase * 195mm width * Light buckets included * Realistic rear wing * Option parts like stainless steel air intake mesh, LED light kit, and [...]


Killerbody RC 7th Scale Corvette GT2 Body

Killerbody RC 1/7 Corvette GT2 Clear Body

The folks over at Killerbody RC have announced that their 1/7 Corvette GT2 Clear Body is now available for pre-order. The 1/7th scaled Corvette clear polycarbonate body was designed to fit larger on-road cars like the Traxxas XO-1 and is very realistic to the 1:1 original. * Wheelbase – 402mm * Width- 284mm * Comes in clear with overspray protection * Realistic look, sturdy [...]


Losing grip – in the mortal realms

Last week this column had the pleasure of grazing the pastures of drift heaven, being amazed by the divine skills of Vivian Grobler as manifested in his beautiful BMW M3. This week, we are back in the realms of mortal men, with me standing as prime example of one of their kind. Not that you will see any pictures of [...]


Killerbody RC Scale Realistic Interior

Killerbody RC Interior Cockpit Set

Now shipping from Killerbody RC is a right and left Interior Cockpit Set. This incredibly scale interior has lighting for the instrument cluster, as well as seats that can recline. If you are looking to up your scale game, a high-end interior like this one from Killerbody RC can certainly do that. Here are more highlights- * 2 adjustable seats * Adjustable [...]


Killerbody RC Smoky Exhaust Pipe LED

Killerbody RC Smoky Exhaust Pipe w/ LED

Available right now from Killerbody RC is the Smoky Exhaust Pipe with LED Lighting. The Smoky exhaust emits real smoke to help give your scale crawler, drift car, or monster truck, an all new level of realism. Here are the highlights- * Easy to install design * Comes with chrome exhaust * Wiring included * Designed for use in 1/10 sized vehicles The Killerbody Smoky [...]


Killerbody RC Marauder Ⅱ Body For Axial SCX10 & SCX10 Ⅱ

Killerbody RC Marauder Ⅱ Body For Axial SCX10 & SCX10 Ⅱ

Shipping soon for the Axial SCX10 & SCX10 II is a Marauder II body from Killerbody RC. The Marauder II is an incredibly detailed ABS plastic body (also available in clear polycarbonate) that can give your SCX10 or SCX10 II a great new look. * Wide wheel arches and strong fenders * Reinforced connecting parts * Flexible black plastic grill & headlight frame * [...]


Killerbody RC Marauder Ⅱ Body Traxxas TRX-4

Killerbody RC Marauder Ⅱ Body For The TRX-4

Recently announced by Killerbody RC is a Marauder II body for the Traxxas TRX-4 scale rock crawler. The Marauder II is available completely pre-painted and assembled, or as a raw clear body for your building pleasure. The fully finished version is made from a sturdy ABS plastic, while the clear version has been molded out of polycarbonate to allow for [...]


Killerbody RC Mercury Scale Rock Crawler Chassis

Killerbody RC Mercury Scale Chassis

Being teased last weekend at a big hobby industry show in Beijing was the Mercury Scale Chassis from Killerbody RC. The Mercury is a next generation scale chassis that brings more scale realism to the plate than ever before. Killerbody has long been known for their ultra scale realistic bodies, now they are changing the game with a series of [...]


Killerbody RC

Teaser – Killerbody RC Mercury Scale Truck

It has been a while since we have seen a big new release from Killerbody RC. However, it looks like they’ve been using that time wisely and are getting ready to drop an all new scale rig. The Killerbody RC Mercury scale rock crawler is set for announcement this weekend at the big Hobby Expo China 2019 that is being [...]


Killerbody RC Video

KillerBody RC Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 Video Series

Recently uploaded by KillerBody RC is the 4th video in a series to promote their Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 scale crawler body. The video below has some incredible views, as well as some nicely done low speed scale crawling. Slowly creeping down ledges and over rocks, the video shows how incredibly realistic the LC70 body can look on your rig [...]