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Kyosho RC 2024 Javelin 4WD Buggy Kit

Kyosho Announces Re-Release of 1/10 Javelin 4WD Buggy Kit

Just announced by Kyosho is the Re-Release of their 1/10 Javelin 4WD Buggy Kit. The Javelin was last re-released back in 2017 and is set to return again in 2024. Here are the highlights- * Sixth model in the Kyosho Vintage Series * Upgraded for modern power systems while retaining Javelin’s original design * Updated heavy duty aluminum inner roll bar for increased [...]


Team Associated RC10T Classic Kit Stadium Truck

Team Associated 1/10 RC10T Classic Kit

Here’s big news for all you collectors and vintage buffs, Team Associated has announced the re-release of their RC10T. The new RC10T Classic Kit can bring back all the memories from back in the day when so many of us were racing and bashing stadium trucks. Check out these highlights- * New adjustable servo saver * Top loading, gold anodized racing shocks * [...]


Team Associated Apex2 Hoonitruck Builders Kit

Team Associated 1/10 Apex2 Hoonitruck Builder’s Kit

Recently announced by Team Associated is the Apex2 Hoonitruck Builders Kit. Released for all you hardcore hobbyists that love to build from the ground up, the new Hoonitruck Builder’s Kit even comes with upgrades to increase performance. Check out these highlights- * Built on an improved updated Apex2 chassis * Thicker, more durable 2.5mm chassis * Factory Team oil-filled, aluminum threaded shocks * Active [...]


Infinity RC IFB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

Teaser – Infinity 1/8 IFB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

The crew over at Infinity have started to tease the 1/8 IFB8 Nitro Buggy Kit. The IFB8 was engineered for high-end performance out on the track and is made from high quality materials. While Infinity is best known for their on-road nitro kits, they are pushing the envelope for 2024 and taking on the high-end 1/8th buggy racing world. Until more [...]


Team Associated Apex2 Hoonicorn Builders Kit

Team Associated Apex2 Hoonicorn Builder’s Kit

Just announced by the good folks at Team Associated is the Apex2 Hoonicorn Builder’s Kit. The AE crew is now releasing their popular Hoonicorn in kit form for those of you that love the build process and for people that want to use their own electronics. Here are the highlights- * Factory Team oil-filled, aluminum threaded shock bodies * Factory Team front [...]


Max Speed Technology FR Drift Car Kit

MST Teases 1/10 FR Drift Car Kit

Over at Max Speed Technology they are teasing a new 1/10 FR Drift Car Kit. Their new kit is a genuine front engine, rear wheel drive design to help give you the ultimate in realism while getting your slide-ways on! The new FR uses a motor mounted just behind the front shock tower, that then runs power through a driveshaft [...]


Tamiya RC Citroen DS Kit

Tamiya 1/10 Citroen DS Kit

Just announced by Tamiya is the 1/10 Citroen DS Kit. This classic Citroen from the 1950s is highly detailed and comes on Tamiya’s easy to drive MB-01 front wheel drive chassis. Here are more highlights- * Clear polycarbonate body * MB-01 chassis configured long wheelbase with front wheel drive * 4-wheel double wishbone suspension * Friction shocks * Width – 198mm * Wheelbase – 239mm * Realistic [...]


Custom Works RC Beast Midget Oval Car Kit

Custom Works 1/10 Beast Midget Oval Car Kit

Over at Custom Works they have officially announced the Beast Midget Oval Car Kit. The folks at Custom Works are all about going left as fast as possible and their new Beast midget car kit is designed for high-end oval racing. Here are the highlights- * Based off of CW’s Outlaw Sprint car * Offset carbon chassis plate * 3mm offset carbon fiber [...]


XRay RC X8 Pan Car Kit

XRay 1/8 X8 Pan Car Kit

All new from XRay is the 1/8 X8 Pan Car Kit. If you are looking for insane speed, no matter if it’s on a carpet track, or on a long empty stretch of road, the X8 is ready to get extreme. Check out these highlights- * Designed by Juraj Hudy * Electric 4wd pan car kit * Solid rear axle, spool in [...]


Kyosho V-ONE R4 Evo.3 Nitro Kit

Kyosho 1/10 V-ONE R4 Evo.3 Nitro Kit

New from the folks at Kyosho is the 1/10 V-ONE R4 Evo.3 Nitro Kit. The V-ONE R4 Evo.3 is a high-end nitro on-road kit that is great for racing, or for high speed cul-de-sac bashing. Designed for use with rubber or foam tires, the V-ONE R4 Evo.3 is loaded with carbon fiber and other high-end goodies to help increase performance. The [...]


Team Associated RC SR10M Dirt Oval Team Kit

Team Associated 1/10 SR10M Dirt Oval Team Kit

Team Associated has a new dirt oval car? Yes indeed, the team at AE have officially announced the 1/10 SR10M Dirt Oval Team Kit. The SR10M was designed for Street Stock racing and comes in kit form for your building pleasure. Here are more highlights- * Updated mid-motor rear carbon fiber shock tower for oval * New carbon fiber chassis side braces * [...]


Team Associated RC Reflex 14B Buggy Kit

Team Associated 1/14 Reflex 14B Buggy Kit

New from Team Associated is a Kit Version of their 1/14 Reflex 14B Off-Road Buggy. The kit version allows you to add your own electronics and modify as you build. Here are the highlights- * Factory Team aluminum wheel hexes * Factory Team aluminum threaded racing shocks * Three sealed differentials * Threaded coil-over shock absorbers * Turnbuckles to adjust camber and toe * Aluminum steering [...]


Schumacher RC Mi9 4WD Touring Car Kit

Schumacher 1/10 Mi9 4WD Touring Car Kit

New from the Schumacher crew is the 1/10 Mi9 4WD Touring Car Kit. Available with an aluminum or carbon fiber chassis, the new Mi9 is a high-end race machine capable of winning at any level of competition. Here are the highlights- * All new suspension geometry * Fully updated transmission housings * Lightweight gear differential design with ultra-smooth action * Lightweight front spool assembly * [...]


Kyosho 10th Lazer SB Dirt Cross 4WD Buggy Kit

Kyosho 1/10 Lazer SB Dirt Cross 4WD Buggy Kit

Now being teased by Kyosho is the 1/10 Lazer SB Dirt Cross 4WD Buggy Kit. Based off the Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 race buggy, the Lazer SB Dirt Cross can be an affordable racer, or a 4wd off-road bash machine. Here are more highlights- * Lazer ZX-5 chassis updated in durability and to be more user friendly * Threaded oil shocks * New retro [...]


Capo Racing RC 10th Tatra T815-7 8x8 Kit

Teaser – Capo Racing 1/10 Tatra T815-7 8×8 Kit

Now being teased by Capo Racing is the 1/10 Tatra T815-7 8×8 Kit. This giant 1/10th scaler comes in at over 21 inches long and has a full time 8 wheel drive system. Made from mostly CNC machined aluminum parts, this high-end kit has been nicely scaled from the 1:1 truck and even comes with a full air suspension system. Until [...]