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Kyosho Optima Mid 87 WC Worlds Spec 60th Anniversary Limited

Kyosho 1/10 Optima Mid '87 WC Worlds Spec 60th Anniversary L…

Coming soon from Kyosho is the 1/10 Optima Mid ’87 WC Worlds Spec 60th Anniversary Limited Kit. This vintage buggy from the golden era of rc is back better than ever. Check out these highlights- * Limited edition Legendary series kit * Replica of the 1987 Optima Mid proto-type * Special small size box with package handle * Limited production run * New Optima PRO [...]


Tamiya RC Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR 1997 Kit

Tamiya 1/10 Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR 1997 Kit

Just announced by Tamiya is the 1/10 Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR 1997 Kit. The Mercedes CLK-GTR sports some pretty impressive scale realism on its body, which was designed to bring back classic memories from the late 1990s racing scene. Sitting on Tamiya’s low profile TC-01 chassis, the new Mercedes has a durable composite chassis with full time shaft driven 4WD The Tamiya Mercedes-Benz [...]


WRC Racing RC 8th SBXE.3 Electric Buggy Kit

WRC Racing 1/8 SBXE.3 Electric Buggy Kit

New from WRC is the 1/8th scaled SBXE.3 Electric Buggy Kit. This innovative race machine has received a slew of updates for both durability and speed. Check out these highlights- * New chassis design * New composite receiver & servo support * Optimized weight distribution * New adjustable battery holders * Updated big bore shocks Use this link to get more details on the WRC Racing [...]


Team Saxo MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit

Team Saxo 1/10 MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit

Recently announced by Team Saxo is the 1/10th scaled MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit. The new MF-1-200 comes with “mini” style proportions and has a wheelbase set at 210mm. Based on their F1-180 chassis, this M-chassis sized F1 car is designed for both speed and fun. The Team Saxo 1/10 MF-1-200 Mini F1 Car Kit is street priced at $229 and [...]


Yokomo Drift Car Master Drift MD2.0

Yokomo 1/10 Flagship Drift Car Master Drift MD2.0

Recently announced by Yokomo is the 1/10 Flagship Drift Car Master Drift MD2.0. Designed as the ultimate drift machine, the 2.0 version of the MD drift kit is made from the best materials and is ready to compete at even the highest levels of drift competition. Check out these highlights- * Uncompromising design philosophy * Ultimate drift competition machine * Graphite double-deck chassis * [...]


Yokomo Master Off-Road MO2.0 4WD Buggy Kit

Yokomo 1/10 Master Off-Road MO2.0 4WD Buggy Kit

New from Yokomo is a 2.0 Version of their 1/10 Master Off-Road MO 4WD Buggy Kit. The MO2.0 is highly revised to increase speed, handling, and durability. Here are the highlights- * Extended wheelbase * Revised Ackermann ratio * Center one-way slipper * Large capacity 13mm shocks * Low height body * Laydown front and rear shock towers * Lightweight front and rear bulkheads * Lightweight bulkhead caps * [...]


ARC RC 8th R8.4E Kit

ARC Announces 1/8 R8.4EL & R8.4ES On-Road Kits

Recently announced by ARC are the 1/8 R8.4EL & R8.4ES On-Road Kits. These high-end race machines are highly updated for more speed and durability. Check out these highlights- * Two versions available * EL and ES versions differ via transmission & battery layouts * 5mm carbon fiber chassis * EL version can run shorty or regular batties * ES version set-up just for shorty style [...]


Tamiya Fiat 131 Abarth Rally Car Kit

Tamiya 1/10 Fiat 131 Abarth Rally Car Kit

Recently announced by Tamiya is the 1/10 Fiat 131 Abarth Rally Car Kit. This retro rally machine comes on Tamiya’s MF-01X rally chassis and sports with a truly classic look. Here are the highlights- * Tough monocoque frame with integrated gearboxes * Rear-mounted motor with gear-driven rear wheels * Shaft provides power to the front wheels * 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension * Friction dampers * [...]


Tamiya RC 10th Squash Van

Teaser – Tamiya 1/10 Squash Van Kit

The crew over at Tamiya are now teasing a 1/10 Squash Van Kit. This new kit from Tamiya uses their GF-02 4wd chassis and comes with a very nicely detailed body. Here are the highlights- * Gear driven 4wd system * 4-wheel double wishbone suspension * Optional 4 wheel steering * 123mm large diameter semi-pneumatic tires * Front and rear gear differentials * Friction style shocks * [...]


Tamiya Super Sabre 2023 Re-Release

Tamiya to Re-Release the 1/10 Super Sabre Buggy Kit

The crew over at Tamiya has announced the re-release of their legendary 1/10 Super Sabre Buggy Kit. This classic from 1987 was last released back in the 90s so we are betting collectors will be all over this re-release. Using an old school boomerang style tub chassis, this 4wd blast from the past is sure to bring back some warm [...]


SWORKz RC S35-4e EVO S35-4 EVO

SWORKz 1/8 S35-4e EVO Electric And S35-4 EVO Nitro Buggy Kit…

Coming soon from SWORKz is the 1/8 S35-4e EVO Electric And S35-4 EVO Nitro Buggy Kits. Both of the new buggies use the latest performance upgrades from SWORKz to help put you on the top step of the podium. Here are the highlights- SWORKz S35-4 EVO Nitro & S35-4e EVO Electric Buggy Kit Features * New shorter 7075 aluminum chassis * New higher [...]


PR Racing RC 10th S1 RM Buggy Kit

Teaser – PR Racing 1/10 S1 RM Buggy Kit

Now being teased by PR Racing is the 1/10 S1 RM Buggy Kit. The S1 RM nods to the past with a rear mounted motor and nifty looking driver’s helmet. The S1 RM also sports an aluminum chassis and shock bodies for durability, while spoked wheels help give it even more retro appeal. The PR Racing S1 RM Buggy [...]


MST RC MRX S Pro RWD Drift Car Kit

MST 1/10 MRX S Pro RWD Drift Car Kit

Coming soon from Max Speed Technology is the 1/10th scaled MRX S Pro RWD Drift Car Kit. The MRX S Pro represents the future of rc drift technology and has been meticulously designed for unparalleled sideways performance. Here are the highlights- * Uses the Quick Change Differential concept from real FD/D1 drift scene * Parts off the MRX S PRO can also [...]


Schumacher RC Storm ST2 Stadium Truck Kit

Schumacher 1/10 Storm ST2 Stadium Truck Kit

New from Robin and the good folks at Schumcher is the 1/10th scaled Storm ST2 Stadium Truck Kit. The ST2 takes off where the first ST took off and is loaded with high-end racing features. Here’s the good stuff- * Improved suspension geometry, durability and adjustability * Lightweight, low center of gravity design * Front end with adjustable bulkhead height & chassis length [...]


TWS RC THR Concept Truck Kit

TWS RC Teases New 1/10 THR Concept Car Kit

Now being teased by TWS RC is the THR Concept Car Kit. This advanced looking off-roader comes with solid axles front and rear and was designed for an ultra-low center of gravity. Here are more highlights- * Aluminum shock set with new springs * Stainless rock sliders * Stainless link rod set * Soft compound TG98 scale tires * LED light set * Pre-built axles and [...]