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Raging Rotors: Yo, Quad Daddy-O!

Again, the news is filled with so much trouble in regards to Multirotors/Quadcopters/Drones. Brian just saw someone follow highway traffic, a man in the Illinois suburbs is being investigated by the FAA for rule violations when doing a quadcopter video of Christmas lights, and a government employee has now crashed on his boss’s White House lawn. Ideally I’d love to send [...]


Raging Rotors: Fly It Hard, but Safe!

Hello all, and Merry Christmas! This week I have yet a simple message: SAFETY! The FAA, in coalition with other groups including the AMA, set up KnowBeforeYouFly, a website that outlines the guidelines of dos and don’ts when flying unmanned aircraft. I have mentioned these rules before, and the following video (also seen on Good Morning America the other day) sums [...]