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Kraken RC Re-Releases

Kraken RC Announces Re-Releases

Over at Kraken RC they have announced that they are getting ready to do some re-releases. Vehicles like the KV5TTE 12S Brushless SCT and the VEKTA.5E Ultra 2 are now available for pre-order with a scheduled delivery date of October/November. Both of these giant off-road machines are quite scale realistic, while also being designed for serious durability. You can use [...]


Kraken RC KV5TTE Ultra Desert Trophy Truck Kit

Kraken 1/5 KV5TTE Ultra Desert Trophy Truck Kit

Now available for pre-order is the Kraken 1/5 KV5TTE Ultra Desert Trophy Truck Kit. This beast of a trophy truck is supersized, for super fun. With a 12S capable brushless ESC, and huge amounts of suspension travel, the KV5TTE Ultra is designed to be king of your local bash spot. Check out these highlights- * World’s first true-scale production of a [...]


Kraken RC 5th VEKTA.5E Ultra

Kraken RC 1/5 VEKTA.5E Ultra

Just announced by Kraken RC is the 1/5th scaled VEKTA.5E Ultra. Available as a roller or as an ARTR, the new VEKTA.5E Ultra was designed for extreme performance. Check out these highlights- * New transmission design with easy gearing access * Currie F9-inspired V3 rear solid axle * Paddle straight shafts (pinless) for direct engagement and power * Large capacity battery plate with 10 [...]


Kraken 4S 14.8V 9000mAh 100C LiPo Batteries

Kraken RC Announces 4S 14.8V 9000mAh 100C LiPo Batteries

Over at Kraken RC they have just announced some new 4S 14.8V 9000mAh 100C LiPo Batteries. These were designed to fit Kraken’s burly VESLA.5 brushless rig and are a perfect fit inside the battery trays. With 9,000mAh of capacity for loads of runtime, and a 100C output rating, these are a great choice for running your large scaler. The Kraken 4S [...]


Kraken RC 5th VESLA.5 Brushless Gasoline Kit

Kraken RC 1/5 VESLA.5 RTR in Brushless or Gasoline Versions

New over at Kraken RC is the 1/5 VESLA.5 in Brushless or Gasoline Versions. This very trick Class 1 looking rig comes with high performance suspension and was designed for serious durability. Check out these highlights- * Fully interchangeable from Gas to Electric * Electric comes with 200A ESC & 780kV brushless motor * Gasoline comes with new 32cc 2 stroke engine * New [...]


Kraken RC VESLA.5 RWD Class 1 True Scale RTR

Kraken RC 1/5 VESLA.5 RWD Class 1 True Scale RTRs

After a good bit of teasing, Kraken RC has announced the 1/5th scaled VESLA.5 RWD Class 1 True Scale RTR. The VESLA.5 is all new from Kraken and was modeled after the legendary HPI Baja 5B. The VESLA.5 will be available in two different forms- with a full gasoline engine, or brushless powered. Here are the highlights- * Robust modern layout * [...]


Kraken RC HD 7075 Billet Aluminum Trailing Arms

New Large-Scale, HD 7075 Billet Aluminum Trailing Arms from …

For those rocking the large-scale Kraken KV5S and KV5TTs, there’s something new to bolt onto your ride. Kraken RC has partnered with Beast RC to develop a set of HD 7075 Billet Aluminum Trailing Arms (#KV6150) for both of these models. Machined to precision specs, this trailing arm set provides improved durability and performance while also giving your large-scale off-road rig [...]


Kraken RC April Teaser

Sneak Peek: Kraken Teases an Upcoming Model Release

Nothing goes together quite like social media teases and the R/C hobby. While the hype machine has been dormant for a while, it’s showing signs of life, thanks to a series of posts by the folks at Kraken RC. On April 1, a teaser image was posted to their Instagram profile; however, that could easily be dismissed as an April Fools’ [...]


Big Squid RC Podcast - Episode 15 - Kraken RC - Rob and Meli…

The first Big Squid RC Podcast of 2020 is here! On today’s podcast we’d like to welcome Rob and Melisa from Kraken RC. There is some great insight into the Kraken RC business, how it started, their Stryker Indegogo Project, and more! Please enjoy. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:02:37 — 86.1MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS Special [...]


Kraken RC Stryker UTV Crowdfunding

Kraken RC Stryker Hyper-Scale UTV – Crowdfunding Underway

The folks over at Kraken RC are stoked about their all new Stryker UTV. The Stryker is the first RTR UTV to hit the market, and seeing as how it was developed by Kraken, you know it will be a tough beast. However, the Kraken crew didn’t just design it to withstand the rigors of daily bashing, scale realism was [...]


Kraken RC Stryker UTV

It’s Launch Day For The Kraken RC Stryker!

The day is finally here, it is officially launch day for the Kraken RC Stryker Hyper-Scale 4WD UTV/SXS! Today is the day when you can get your very own Kraken Stryker on order. The Stryker was designed for incredible scale realism, while also being highly capable off-road, which is perfect for backyard bashing. Use this link to get your own Kraken [...]


Kraken RC Stryker Video

Kraken Stryker UTV Quick Overview Video

Recently uploaded by Kraken RC is a new Quick Overview Video for their upcoming Stryker UTV. In the video below, the owner of Kraken RC goes over all the high points of the Stryker. All new from the ground up, the Stryker is designed for not only scale looks, but also high performance while driving. After watching the video, you can [...]


Kraken RC Stryker Scale UTV SXS

Kraken RC Stryker 1/10 Hyper-Scale UTV/SXS

Kraken RC now has a 1/10th scaler? That’s right folks, Kraken has just dropped the Stryker 1/10 Hyper-Scale UTV/SXS! The Stryker was engineered for proper scale looks, while also introducing a new high performance 1/10th scale platform into their line up. Here are more details- * Will be available as an RTR or ARTR * True to scale, hyper-realistic performance * RTR comes [...]


New Kraken RC Teaser!

The folks over at Kraken RC have recently posted a teaser for a new vehicle coming soon. How soon you ask? Well the teaser photo says the reveal will be September 10th, 2019, and that’s less than a week away. Kraken RC has put out some very scale looking vehicles, so we can’t wait to see what they are coming [...]


Kraken RC KV5TT Pro Kit SCT 1/5

Kraken RC 1/5 KV5TT Pro Kit Short Course Truck

Attention large scale fans, Kraken RC has just announced the Kit Version of their massive KV5TT Pro Short Course Truck. The kit version can save you some cash, or it can also make it easy for you to make modifications and upgrades as you build. The Kraken KV5TT Pro Kit is street priced at $1,299, it has a part number of [...]