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Team Corally RC Ski Resort Video

Video - Team Corally Fully-Sent Monster Trucks at the Ski Re…

Team Corally has been making a huge push for 2021 with a full line-up of 1/8th bash machines. To help show off just how gnarly their new bash trucks are, Corally has just posted a new video called Monsters Trucks at the Ski Resort. Watch below to see the Kronos, Kronos XTR, as well as the Punisher sending-it hard, doing [...]


Video Team Corally Kronos XTR Ski Jump Behind the Scenes

For all those Team Corally fans that loved the Kronos XTR Ski Jump Video, they have now released a sweet behind the scenes video of how it all went down. It’s always cool to get a sneak peak of the preparation and work that goes into making something like this happen. Enjoy the video!To get full details, use this link [...]


Team Corally RC Kronos XTR Roller

Team Corally Announces the 1/8 Kronos XTR Roller

The crew at Team Corally are making a huge push in 2021! After already announcing a plethora of new bash trucks, today they announced the Kronos XTR Roller. The Corally Kronos is already one of the most popular monster trucks on the market, now the XTR version allows you to use your own electronics, while also including a number of [...]