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Futaba 6.6V 1700mAh LiFe 4PX

Futaba LiFe 6.6V 1700mAh Battery For The 4PX

Looking for a good battery to use in your Futaba 4PX? If so, Futaba has you covered with a 1700mAh 6.6 volt LiFe unit. The Futaba battery is a perfect fit and comes with the connector needed to plug it right in, thus making the install a breeze. 1700mAh worth of capacity will give your 4PX plenty of run-time and [...]


Hobbico LiFeSource batteries

Hobbico LiFeSource Receiver Packs

The crew over at Hobbico have announced new receiver packs in their LiFeSource battery line-up for your bashing pleasure. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries have high energy density and are known for their long cycle life. They are also said to be safer than regular Lithium Polymers. HCAM6411 LiFe 6.6V 1300mAh 1C – $27.99 HCAM6416 LiFe 6.6V 1100mAh 10C – $27.99 HCAM6426 LiFe [...]


trakpower lipo life receiver battery packs

TrakPower 2S Lipo and LiFe Receiver Batteries Packs

The folks over at TrakPower have four new receiver packs to keep the servos on your nitro or gas machine working for a long time. These Lipo & LiFe packs not only provide long times, but also plenty of voltage for those high-end servos of yours. * Generous capacities result in extended run times * Available in flat and hump configurations * All [...]


venom life pack

Venom LiFE-Power Receiver Batteries

New from Venom are these 2S 6.6v LiFE RX Battery packs. They are available in a 1200mAh Flat pack and a 1600mAh Hump Pack. Some of the cool features about these receiver packs are more cycles then a LiPo pack, no low voltage cutoff problems and 5C charge rates. They should hit stores around February 2012 for about $26 Make [...]


Hitec X1 Charger

Hitec isn’t just servos and radios.  They also make chargers and this one here, the X1 AC Plus Multi-charger, is their latest.  The X1, as the you might guess from the name is an AC/DC charger capable of peak charging most battery chemistries, including LiPo, LiFe, NiMH, and NiCd among others.  For the Nickle batteries it’s capable of charging up [...]


Reedy 526-S Now Available

It’s a few months late, but so what, right?  The Reedy 526-S super simple charger is now shipping out to retailers.  For those that missed the initial announcement and are too lazy to click that link above, the 526-S is a simple and to the point LiPo and LiFe compatible charger with a built in balancer, AC/DC input, 2S-6S charge [...]


Reedy 526-S… the S is for Simple… I think…

Is your charger too complicated?  Does it have too many buttons and 70+ menu options?  Are you saying to yourself “why can’t this be simple?”  I’m not… I like complicated stuff, it makes unexpected results from not knowing what you’re doing more exciting.  But if you are a simpleton person that likes to keep things simple, Reedy might have a [...]


Thunder Power Putting Out The Power

A powerful charger is an essential accessory.  There’s a ton of good options to choose from.  Thunder Power is adding to that selection.  Their new TP820CD can put out up to 800 watts of power from two independent charging ports, which is enough to allow you to charge up to 8S LiPos on both ports at the same time.  But [...]


Venom Pro Charger Ultimate

Venom has another new charger and this time it’s a fancy one.  The Venom Pro Charger Ultimate DC Multi Charger has many features that high-end users expect.  As the name implies it is a DC only charger that can charge multiple types of batteries, including LiPos, LiFes, NiMHs, and Lead Acid.  It’s capable of up to 10 amps of charing [...]


Thunder Power RC TP610C-ACDC multi-chemistry charger

Thunder Power RC is a company that knows all about our electricity needs.  Now they’ve added another charger to fulfill those needs.  The TP610C-ACDC is a multi-chemistry, AC/DC charger capable of filling up 1-14 cell NiMHs/NiCds, 2-6S LiPo/LiFe/LiIon, and 6-24 volt lead acid batteries at up to 10 amps.  This charger also features a built in balancer with JST-XH connectors.  [...]


A load of new stuff from LRP

LRP has got something for everyone today it seems. If you’re in the market for a new battery charger they’ve got the new Quadra Pro 2. Wit it you can charge NiMHs/NiCads (1-14 cells), LiPos, or LiFes (both types 1 – 5 cells) at anywhere from 0.1 up to 5.0 amps. It’s also got an integrated balancer [...]