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Losing grip – getting stuck

Drifting is certainly not about getting stuck, if anything, the opposite. When I first got into it, I naively thought that the walks of shame would be a thing of the past. No more walking to turn an upside down crawler or basher back on its wheels. Alas, that was not to be the case. Actually, the walks of shame [...]


Losing grip – where to put my money?

With great power and untold riches, comes responsibility. Responsibilty in proportion to the might one weilds. An inherent demand for altruism, considerate actions and careful judgement. It therefore follows that, as a writer for BigSquidRC, I carry a heavy burden on my shoulders. Burdens of power also require humility, a virtue sadly often hard to find, where it is most [...]


Losing grip – details, or not?

I recently completed a self evaluation at work, and after having been in my present position for more than a year I am certainly doing better than when I started. Pin pointing what exactly I am doing better wasn’t very easy, but one thing I realised was that I have become a fair bit better at judging which details matter, [...]


Losing grip – turn that buckle!

It is highly likely that one of today’s readers, is a first time visitor to BigSquidRC. Or, at least, a first time reader of one of my columns. Welcome! RC is a great hobby with lots to explore, and RC drifting is a most fascinating niche in which to lose oneself. Easy to get into, easy to find good places [...]


Toyota 86

Losing grip – a body you can’t ignore

What do the Big Car Manufacturers do when they want to put out a new car, but lack the funding to start from scratch? Easy, they use an existing chassis and rework the design. Since this is a column about drifting, Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ is a fitting example, but there are of course lots more out there. Not being [...]


Losing grip – getting up to speed

Anyone who has ever driven an RC car, is probably familiar with the most common question from casual observers: “How fast is it?” I suspect this is one of the main reasons why high speed runs have gotten so popular recently  – it must be pretty cool to be able to answer that “Well, today I’ve only hit 106 mph, [...]


Losing grip – in the mortal realms

Last week this column had the pleasure of grazing the pastures of drift heaven, being amazed by the divine skills of Vivian Grobler as manifested in his beautiful BMW M3. This week, we are back in the realms of mortal men, with me standing as prime example of one of their kind. Not that you will see any pictures of [...]


Vivian Grobler BMW M3

Loosing Grip – Pure Awesomeness!

Today I have a treat for you. A couple of weeks back, I wrote about what might be a good starting point to get into this niche of the hobby. Today I will take you to the other end of the spectrum. Today I will show you (drumroll…): the winner of Best Body at the D1-10 Drift World Championship 2019! This [...]


Losing Grip – Drift Package

I currently have the privilege of a couple of days off from work – sadly a far too unusual occurence – and have taken the opportunity to go for a trip to the beach. Swimming, having coffee overlooking the ocean, and drifting in the basement carpark. Neither much sun nor any good views down there, but an excellent flat, smooth, [...]


Losing grip – this is what you want

In his latest ramblings, Cubby wrote that I was hardcore about drifting, and he was right about that. I am however not the archetypical hardcore drifter, since that particular stereotype would require an indoor drift track and a fancy, transmitter with custom bling. Mind now that I certainly would love to step into that person’s shoes, but sadly the closest [...]


Losing grip – it’s about the journey

Hopefully, a good number of you readers out there have now ordered yourself a drift car or are seriously considering getting one. If not, you should, and if you’re wondering which one to get, I hope get into that sometime within the next few weeks. So, say you have just gotten your first drift car, and are heading to the local [...]


Losing Grip – No guts of steel

After recently having built an Axial Bomber, it was in many ways a liberating experience to build a drift kit. My bomber was heavily upgraded from the start, with lots of aluminum, stainless steel, M4 hardware, massive power – the works. I looked at every single piece of it and considered whether it was likely to endure the (ab)use I [...]